Friday, November 6, 2009

Something gooey...

So I was walking around Gulley Park with a 9th grader a couple days ago having a great discussion about the Lord and life in general when something sort of fell from the sky. I just felt like, my hair move. I can't explain it, but I thought it was maybe just the wind or something. So we kept walking for a few miles and at one point I tightened my pony tail. As we walked i noticed a little brown on my hand. Well, that is gross and I didn't know if I'd stepped in something or brushed up against some mud on a tree or WHAT. I tried to keep talking with her like normal as I discretely wiped the brown stuff off my hand while checking the bottom of my shoe at the same time. Something was definitely not right, but I couldn't put my finger on it for awhile. Or could I? Yes, I definitely COULD put my finger on it. But who would WANT to? As I was driving to the gym, I reached back to tighten my pony tail again when my fingers came across a clump of, yep, you guessed it, BIRD POOP that was on top of my head. WOW. EXCELLENT. I don't know if the student ever noticed, though I think she would have told me and laughed her head off if she had. But it sure isn't an experience many people can share with me and I laughed out loud for five minutes after realizing what happened. Oh what a great day!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Journey

Hello World. Not home yet! Another day in the journey, and this one will be documented in my first blog ever. I am documenting, well...nothing special really. I don't know yet what this site will consist of, but I felt compelled to join the blogging craziness. Maybe I will write down what I'm learning, highlights, lowlights...whatever I'm feeling. I'm 6 months into my job as the women's junior high ministry staff at Fellowship Bible church. I don't have cute pictures to put up of an engagement, wedding, or little kids...the things people often use blogs for. But maybe eventually something exciting will happen that I will want to tell people about. Until then. It's just me, and a bunch of cool junior high kids that I live life with.
I have lived in Fayetteville for going on FIVE years. That is unreal to me. When I moved here in '05 to start up Fayetteville K-life, I thought I'd be gone in 2 years. THAT, however, was not God's plan, and I'm very thankful that I LOVE the place God has me in, and LOVE the job he has given me. I feel BLESSED, in SO many ways.
I think on this first blog I just want to thank GOD for his plans that are WAY better than ours, thank Him for using us in spite of all our faults and inadequacies, thank Him for his faithfulness even when we are faithless, and for the amazing people He has put in my life who show me more of HIM every single day.
Life is a journey and I am about to share mine with anyone who's interested!
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