Sunday, November 21, 2010

Praise God for MAMA'S!

So my co-leaders and I decided our junior high girls could use some mother-daughter bonding time! Let's be honest, Junior High can be a rough stage for teens to get along with their mama's. So we had a banquet this past Saturday night with some amazing food, a speaker, mom/daughter time, and hilarious games! We had a BLAST. We had a photo corner where the girls could take goofy pics with their moms (so we leaders took some too!), and then the girls made frames while the moms listened ot a speaker. After that, they both read letters to each other about their favorite memories together, what they love about each other, and 3 things they are thankful for about their family.

Thinking back to my junior high years, I was pretty horrible to my sweet mom. I totally took her for granted during that time and definitely wanted my space. I was so MOODY! (Hopefully that has changed since then!!!) She was extremely patient with me during a time where all I cared about was boys, how I looked, and what people thought of me! I couldn't see the bigger picture, as hard as people probably tried to show it to me! But mom was steadfast, always by my side, supportive, prayerful, and loving. Full of hugs, good advice, and compassion. I want to take this post to acknowledge our MOMS and all we have put them through! My mom is my hero and I hope to be like her someday!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So I know I want to be a mom some day. I really do want a family, maybe 3 kids...? But to be honest, thinking about the fact that I COULD become pregnant, at any time, really, is a bit scary and overwhelming to me. Especially if Kent and I move to a totally new city this May...I would know NO ONE and be far from family. This thought has worried me over the past few months and God totally gave me a VERSE to comfort me about it!

"See, the Sovereign Lord comes with power, and his arm rules for him...He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he GENTLY LEADS THOSE THAT HAVE YOUNG."  Isaiah 41:11

I've read Isaiah a bunch of times and of course skipped right over that part, but this time, it jumped out to me and rescued me from worry and fear! If/whenever I get pregnant, no matter where Kent and I live... HE WILL LEAD ME!

Ahhh. My soul is at rest once more!

25 random things about me

This was a facebook thing people did about a year ago, and I thought it'd be fun to post. Plus I felt like I needed a post and didn't have the time to think of one! =)

1. I cannot WAIT to have my own house someday. Seems like forever before that will actually happen but, I'm excited about it. even though i won't have a clue how to decorate. I still feel like a college student.

2. I also hope to have a real community to do life with. A home church to belong to...a place where I can serve and grow in my faith and raise a family... a place I am settled into. That is so important to me and I haven't had that in 9 years

3. My dad played professional football before I was born and I always grew up watching it with my parents, BUT, had no idea how the game even worked until I got to college & dated a football player. even then i faked it. To be honest, I STILL don't fully understand it.

4. I am a very very impatient person. It's awful. God help me! I don't like to be slowed down

5. My family is...AMAZING. I love them SO MUCH and would rather hang out with them on a Friday night then anyone else. I have always been a homebody and HATE being so far away.

6. Speaking of family, my dad is my hero. I admire him more than anyone in the world and am so thankful for his influence in my life.  What a servant leader.

7. I wanted to be an American Gladiator for about 5 years of my life. still think i could. The junior high kids in my ministry think I was one.

3. I am addicted to is always in my mouth.  Blue mint is probably the fav.

4. Every year for my birthday my mom gets me a dairy queen ice cream cake...FAVORITE!

5. I LOVE being warm, being in the sun, being outside. I really want to live somewhere warm and sunny someday. I'm a much happier person.

6. I LOVE music and wish I could play guitar or sing. I wish I was arsty like that. I'm NOT. (but i totally played the flute for for 6 years! I was awesome)

7. I've always had a dog. I thought I was a dog person. I'm realizing now that I don't really like them. (Don't hate me). Unless they are puppies and don't shed, smell, or bark a lot...i really am not a big fan.

8. I think I could live off of dried fruit and nuts. It's my favorite thing to snack on. Yum. Oh, and animal crackers.

9. I am a quality time, face to face person. I usually prefer small groups of people and good conversation over crazy parties and being around people I don't really know. I don't do 'small talk' very well. I thrive off of being around people who are real, deep and honest.

10. I wish I was more outgoing and that I enjoyed meeting strangers. I don't really. I fake it. I'm kind of a shy person and it takes me awhile to warm up to new people.

11. The Cosby Show is just....absolutely the greatest show. I think Bill Cosby is hilarious and such a good dad. There are no shows out there anymore remotely close to this kind of quality...though I'm equally obsessed with Friends.

12. I over-analyze things and think way too much about...everything. It's unfortunate because it sort of drives me crazy. I need to chill out and trust God more and be okay with not understanding everything. 'Breathe, stretch, shake...let it go!'

13. I really wish I was more spontaneous and up for anything. I used to be. Whether I've gotten lazy, older, or just more uptight, I like to plan things out and be prepared. Once in awhile I appreciate people who make me be spontaneous and try new things.

14. I LOVE reading. I get this from my mother who reads more than any human I know. I mostly read 'Christiany' books and am really impacted by written words. I also have to write stuff down to understand it or process it. and i LOVE writing people notes.

15. I hate talking on the phone.

16. I'm really amazed that anyone is still reading this or really cares THAT much about random things I am saying.

17. This is my favorite number

18. I love dancing. but mostly with a bunch of girl friends who I'm not self conscious around and can be absolutely ridiculous with. This gives me great joy! and I love watching live dance performances. and 'So you think you can Dance!'

19. I'm always multi-tasking. I have a hard time concentrating on just one activity at a time.

20. I am sort of afraid of getting old. I think I would rather die young. Maybe.

21. Um, so anyone who knows me knows i love playing games. It's like my favorite thing.

22. I care more about being comfortable than being cute. I don't like to dress up.

23. I have commitment issues. I'm also very indecisive. I think i spelled that wrong.

24. I have NO idea where I will be next year (see #23). I don't think ahead future-wise unless I'm forced to. One day at a time.

25. I LOVE the Lord. He saved me. He changed me. Now He is my everything and though I am a MESS...He is soo good to me, so full of grace and and love. I want my life to be whatever HE wants it to be. I fear wasting it on myself or missing opportunities to reach out to others and make a difference. I know this world is not my true home, that I am just passing through and want my life to be PLEASING to God! This world SO not all there is, people.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Lord is good!

My 9th grade Springdale cell group girls try to find a community service project to do ever month. Well, we had failed all semester at finding one until last weekend when we connected with a ministry called Laundry Love. This ministry is incredible and has been going on for over a year now. Each city in NWA allows for homeless or lower income families to get their laundry done for free one or two days a month. Volunteers come to the laundromat and help them wash their clothes, serve them food, and just interact with them and learn about their lives.
I had about 9 girls show up and a few guys from our brother group ready to pour out the love of Christ to people in need in Springdale. We met the cutest kids and got to hear about the lives of a few local families. Kandra, my co-leader, brought facepaint to paint the kids and that was a big hit. We brought some toys, games, and silly bands for the kids as well. We met a sweet lady named Linda who had moved to NWA in June and doesn't know anyone here. She moved from Pennsylvania to reconnect with her sister but things didn't work out and they are not speaking to one another. That leaves her in a new place with no job and no car, and medical problems on top of all that. We were able to listen to Linda and pray with her and maybe even provide her with a bike so she can at least get out on occassion. What a great opportunity to get out of our own self centered lives and see the needs of others. At this time of year, it reminds me of just how much I have to be THANKFUL FOR! Thus began my 'month of thanksgiving' where I am daily trying to remember my blessings and how good the Lord has been to me!

Monday, November 8, 2010


So apparently I'm horrible at blogging, as my last post was 39 days BEFORE my wedding. TODAY is Kent and I's SIX MONTH anniversary! I only have a few minutes to write, but we have been having a BLAST. We are so compatible, so in love, and so thankful that God brought us together in his perfect timing. Kent has been doing speed and agility training with junior high and high school athletes, and also working part time at Fellowship Bible church with me in the Junior High Ministry world. He also leads the 9th grade Springdale boys cell group and I lead the 9th grade girls, so it is really fun! I have always prayed for a partner in ministry, and really feel like Kent and I could do ministry together for the rest of our lives! Right now we are praying for where we will be next, since they don't have a full time position for Kent at Fellowship right now. That means we'll probably be clue where to! Kent is trying to figure out if he wants to pursue sports ministry, student ministry, or college ministry, so pray for the Lord to really lead him. We are trying to rest in the Lord's faithfulness.

What else...we are looking forward to Thanksgiving in Memphis with Kent's family. mom and dad are driving down to join us! They dont know Kent's family very well- met most of them the day of the wedding! And Kent's extended family all lives in Memphis too so it will be a huge family gathering! This will be a treat to my family since it is SO SMALL. THEN...for Christmas, my sister in Utah (her husband and 2 kids) will be flying to D.C. where her in-laws live. (Her sister in-law Sarah is my best friend from college!) So my parents decided to fly THERE to join all of the Day family. Kent and I just decided to fly there TOO and be with the Days and the Hrivnaks for Christmas! We'll fly from Memphis on the 23rd and return the 27th, then get the rest of the week to stay in Memphis with the Austell family. I LOVE HOLIDAYS and just cannot wait to be with FAMILY.

So, that's the latest! More to come!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So, we are at 39 days til our wedding! UNREAL! Time has flown. I was thinking the other day how crazy it is that you can live SO many years of your life ONE way, and then in a DAY, everything is completely different. How do you prepare for that? We have no idea but have spent the last 3 months reading books on marriage, listening to sermons, and going to premarital counseling. We are SO excited. We know there will be hardships and that there is a LOT we still don't know about each other, but are just anxious to do life together. It cannot come soon enough. (Except for ALL the things that need to happen between now and then.)
God is going to really have to lead us in decisions about our future, jobs, where to live, etc...and we have NO doubt He will. But sooner would be nice =). We got our engagement pics taken by our wedding photographer, Miles Boyer, and were really happy how they turned out. One of our best friends, Maura Johnson is also helping us out in a million ways, with pictures and more. My mom is working her tail off back in Chicago, thinking of all the little details I seem to overlook. Having help from friends and family in all this is SUCH a blessing. I don't know how people do it all...the planning seems endless. It is really humbling seeing how many people are willing to help and want to bless us as we step into this new adventure. We just feel in awe and very thankful. Our cup is full, despite the times we get anxious about what it will all look like. God is good and faithful!
"He will keep in PERFECT PEACE him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in Him." Isaiah 26:3

Friday, January 8, 2010

Something Exciting

Well, two blogs in and something exciting DID happen! I have a fiance! And he is WONDERFUL! I got engaged on December 29th in Chicago! Best. Day. Ever. It is so amazing how God works, how he DOES hear every cry of your heart, every prayer, every hope. After years of praying, God (finally) brought me the man I will spend the rest of my life with. :)
I always used to say that my ideal love story would be that I would have a great guy friend who I can totally by myself around. We don't like each other at first but are just really good friends so there is no 'trying to impress each other'. That way we can really get to know the 'real' person. Then... one day we would just suddenly look at each other differently and realize how great we'd be together. Ha well I never thought that would be my story but God is funny.
After doing K-life with Kent for a couple years, watching him as a leader, and getting to know him as a friend, God put him on my heart and showed me that he is the kind of man I want to marry. This past May, we found out both of us were praying a lot about each other, seeking God's will and wisdom if we should date. June 4th, he asked me out! Our first date was so easy since we knew each other so well, and we started off our relationship already knowing the Lord had brought us together. After 6 months, we both felt ready to commit our lives to each other and I fully believe we can be a better team for the Lord together than we can on our own. This was my prayer all along! He is such a wonderful godly man and I feel so honored and blessed. The next four months will be CRAZY! I will keep you posted! Here is the engagement story!
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