Saturday, January 8, 2011


Christmas this year was amazing! Kent and I went to D.C. where my sister's in-law's live. This may seem weird that me and my parents are all really close to my sister's in-laws, but Leslie married my best friend from college's brother! So I LOVE her in-laws and we have had a few holidays with them before. Anyway, so we spent Christmas eve til Dec 26th with some of my favorite people!

I got to see my two nephews, who are growing up so quickly and are as cute as ever! I got to see my college BF, Sarah, who just got engaged and will be getting

married this May! It was a packed house full of family, food, and love. We stayed up late playing games every night and enjoying every possible minute together that we could.
We all brought our Christmas traditions to the Day's, and one of the Day brothers, Jeff and his wife made gingerbread cookies resembling each of us! So here is My dad (former football player and my mama, me and Kent (the former U of A track runner). Behind us are all the kids in our youth ministry =)
Here is the crew getting ready to open our stocking gifts. This literally took all of Christmas day! We each had a secret 'stocking friend' to buy gifts for and people went a little crazy and got so many gifts! It was so fun.
Of course, having my whole family together, mom and dad wanted a million pictures.
This is my family and the Day family, all squished together for a 
self-timed picture! not bad!
Me and Kent with my bestie, Sarah, and her fiance, Randy!
After D.C. we got a few days in Memphis with Kent's awesome family. We got to spend New Years with Kent's high school best bud, Josh Germany and his wife. So fun!

I left Christmas break feeling exhausted and sick (we'd been pretty sick the whole break), but SO thankful to God for the sweet blessing of family and friends and a reminder of what an incredible gift it was that Christ came to earth to be our Savior. 

Ready for a new year, dependent on God each day, 
and excited for the new opportunities He will bring!
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