Monday, April 25, 2011

Caution: Reading this just may change your life

When you come before God, how does he look at you? What does he think about you? Your answer to that question is vitally important to the success of your secret life with God and the accuser knows it. Satan wants you to see the Father as one who is harsh, demanding, never satisfied with your performance, mostly disappointed with you, and frustrated with the rate of your spiritual growth.

If that is the false view YOU have of the Father, it will drive your emotional response to Him. You will be wearied with trying to please Him, and your spirit will not soar in the freedom of loving adoration that he has designed for you.

When you start realizing the TRUTH about how God feels about you, that God is actually SMILING on you, that he is desiring your company, and that he longs to be intimate with you, this has the power to change everything about the way you relate to God!

When you know you are enjoyed by God, you come into his presence with boldness. You come into his presence the way he wants you to, with a lifted face, with expectant eyes, with a delighted smile, with an eager voice and a burning heart!

He doesn’t enjoy you any less because you struggle. He knows your weaknesses, He sees your failures, but yet you are his beloved child and he enjoys you even when you fall! He loves it when you get back up and keep stepping forward again into his arms. How comforting to know we can bring all our inadequacies and shortcomings into His presence and know that he lovingly embraces us and delights in us! He enjoys us at EACH stage of the maturity process.

Ps 45:11 is one of many verses that tells us how our God feels when he looks at us: “The king is enthralled with your beauty.” This is how the King looks at his bride who has left everything to be joined with Him, her husband. You are STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL to Jesus! When he looks upon your beauty, he longs to have you and hold you forever and ever. When you come to the secret place, you are coming into the chambers of the king who finds you both beautiful and desirable. Not only do you long for His presence but he longs for yours!

The cool thing is, the more time we spend in the presence of God, the more beautiful we become. I Peter 3:3 calls it “the hidden person of the heart”, where we gain the beauty of a gentle quiet spirit that doesn’t fade away.

We can talk to God the way a bride and groom would. Tell Him, “Set me as a seal upon your heart” Song of Solomon 8:6. The bride is saying, “Make your affections rest on me, make me your desire. I don’t want you to feel anything without including me. I want to share every passion of your heart. I want your thoughts to become my thoughts. I want to be joined to you in love."

Jesus will turn us, his bride, into his soul mate so that more and more we start to think like he thinks and act as he would act. In the secret place, we learn the secret thoughts of God. Psalm 25:14
The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them. Two best friends, always together, knowing the thoughts of the other.

Oh the love he has for us! Don't believe me? Jesus testified to this truth when He prayed to the Father, “That the world may know that You have loved them just as you have loved ME.” (Jn 17:23). Think of it! God loves US just as much as His only begotten Son! He feels the same way about us that He feels about His holy, spotless, selfless Son. INCREDIBLE!

God feels much more deeply and passionately about me than I do about Him. The intensity of my love is very limited because I can only think upon one thing at a time. When I am working or go about the duties of the day, cognitive thoughts of God disappear totally from my mind. My mind will return to the Lord a few house later, but for certain periods of time I am not even thinking about Him. BUT HE NEVER STOPS THINKING ABOUT ME! His eyes are constantly on me, and His mind is focused on who I am at all times.

He waits for us to come to Him! He waits all night long, watching over you, waiting for you to rise, hoping that He might be the first thought of your morning. You don't have to wonder if He wants you to come to him. He has been waiting and will continue to wait for as long as necessary-because his heart is bound up in your life.
These notes are from this incredible book called "Secrets of the Secret Place" by Bob Sorge. I could have written this same thing, it is already written on my heart! Learning these exact things the past couple years has changed my relationship with God in so many ways and I need to remind myself OFTEN just God really feels about those who have accepted the gift of His Son. He doesn't hate me, he isn't disappointed. HE LOVES me and also LIKES me =)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ready for Change

So a few weeks ago Kent and I had to make the decision to stay here in Rogers, Ar or accept a job offer in Memphis, TN. In Memphis, Kent would be the Director of Student Ministry at a Christian school called Briarcrest, as well as a Bible teacher and track coach. After much prayer, we decided Memphis was where the Lord was leading us. As excited as I am about the new life we will start there, I am heart broken as well. The friends I have made here and kids I have fallen in love with will be so hard to leave. The people I met while working for K-Life in Fayetteville are like my family. The staff at Fellowship Bible Church, the leaders and my cell group kids are incredible. After 6 years in Arkansas, I can honestly say it has really grown on me.
As we look forward to what is ahead, I can only trust that God will continue to be faithful and provide all that we need. We are starting to look at houses online, and praying about the community we hope to find there. I have no idea what job I will be doing. That is really hard for me, since I have done youth ministry for 6 years and don’t have a clue what else will really grab my heart and give me purpose and passion. The Lord knows, and his plans always seem to be way better than what I could come up with! So…I am daily trying to cast my anxiety on Him and rest in his provision and promises. The Lord knows I'm not great with changes. 
Pray for us as we finish up here and make the transition to Memphis. We will be here through June, as we have a mission trip with our kids to Belize on the 11th-20th. After that, we pack up and head out! I keep telling myself, and you can remind me too…GOD IS FAITHFUL. 
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