Monday, July 18, 2011

We have a HOME!

I have not posted in a REALLY long time, but to fill you in briefly, Kent and I ended our time in Northwest Arkansas June 30th, after an incredible 10 day mission trip to Belize with our Junior High kids. I can try to post on that later. But God was incredible 
 It was SO HARD to leave all the people we had come to know and love the past 6 years (7 for Kent). Many of them have been my 'family' and I would not have made it these past years without them. My sweet cell group girls came over and helped us clean and load up the moving truck, and we headed to our new city. 

As hard as the leaving was, we were SO excited to live in the beautiful house God totally blessed us with! After MUCH prayer and tedious searching, God dropped this house out of NO WHERE at a great price and we fell in love with it. We thought it was too good to be true, and WAY bigger and nicer than we had ever dreamed our first house would be. It's 5 minutes from Kent's school and 15 minutes from his parents' house in Germantown.  I posted pics on facebook, so this is probably repetitive, but it's sort of a big deal to us to own a home and we wanted to share our excitement with you (and tell you to COME VISIT US! We have the whole upstairs available for guests!)

So here it is. We have a great kitchen area and I've been LOVING the time to actually look up new recipes and cook more! This not-working thing has been SO fun and VERY helpful, being that we have a million house projects to work on. That being said, I need to find a job (I gave myself til August) and could use prayer on where God wants to use me. I am up for something random and totally different for awhile, but just want to find purpose in whatever I do.

To the left is our kitchen. To the right is our table and to the way right is a sitting area where we have our morning devo time!

 Got that CUTE chair from an estate sale, $60!

We love our living room area. It's the room you walk into from the front door of the house, and The ceiling goes up to the second floor.  (You can see the up stairs hallway from the pic on the right. That room will be our dining room after we save up $ for a table and chairs!

 This is what our dining room looks like now. Kent's music room. Extra couch, his key board and guitar. We want to have worship nights at our house. (After we make some friends =) ). The dining room is connected to the living room, and has 2 doors that can connect into the kithen area.
This is our upstairs hallway
We Love our living room!
Ottoman we got from Craig's list for $50!

Little study nook in the corner of the living room

Anyway, we can't wait for some of our friends to come visit us! Kent is preparing for his job and is a little overwhelmed at all the material he needs to learn, having never taught before. But he is so excited! My mom is coming to visit this weekend! YAY! That's all for now!
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