Monday, August 22, 2011

Is it fall yet?

I am SO ready for FALL! THe heat this summer has been unbearable. Has it been like that everywhere? Is it normal in Memphis to have a 105 or 115 degree heat index? Ew.

Anyway, with fall on the mind, and food in general, (I've been tired and STARVING every day as soon as I get home from school) and while working out seems out of the question, BAKING seems delightful!

HERE is one of the BEST healthy cookies I've made yet!

PUmpkin Oatmeal Cookies =)


2. Combine pumpkin and whipped eggs in a medium bowl.

3. Combine sugar, flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, oats and raisins in a large bowl. Pour in the pumpkin mixture and mix until combined. Batter will be dry at first.

Drop the batter by tablespoons onto baking sheet, approximately 2 inches apart. Make them fat for chewier cookies, or flat for a tad more crips cookies, and cook for 12-15 minutes. ENJOY!  Found here.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Obsession

If you haven't yet heard of "Pinterest", I am here to enlighten you. If facebook has gotten old, and 'Word with friends' on your iphone isn't distracting enough, HERE is another glorious distraction to what you really should be doing.
Pinterest is a site where people can organize and share all their 'favorite' things that they find on the web. You can 'pin' an image you find on the internet and place that pin on a 'board' that you can label, such as 'home decor,' 'wedding ideas,' 'fashion advice,' 'favorite recipes'. All your pins are displayed on your pinterest page. Anyone can see what you pin, and if they click on the image, it will take them to the site you found it on.

This is SO FUN! As Kent and I are trying to figure out what to do with our big beautiful house, I can search ideas from 'Pinterest' OR from anywhere on the web, and pin the ones I like onto my page. So I've been collecting various house decorations, furniture styles, kitchen ideas, new recipes, and all kinds of things that I like. Some of the sites can teach you how to do things yourself such as build a headboard for a bed, put together a garden, repaint or reupholster old furniture. This is great because I dont' know how to do anything creative!

See what I've found so far on my Pinterest site, and then JOIN YOURSELF and 'follow' me so we can see each others favorite things!

I'm off to 'pin' some more ideas!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back to SCHOOL!?

Well, I found a job. A part time job, and that's good enough for now! I wasn't even looking for this and was NOT thinking it's what I'd end up doing when I moved here, but I actually think it's pretty perfect. (God's ways=WAY BETTER than our ways!)

Last Thursday, I walked into Kent's school (well, the middle school which is right next to the high school he's working at) to bring a bridesmaid dress in to the school secretary, since she goes to the church Kent's parents go to and is a great seamstress. As I was standing there, the principal from around the corner says, 'Is that Jenni Austell? I was just about to call you!' I've never met her before or anything but she knows the Austell family very well (they DID have 5 kids go through Briarcrest Middle School). As I walked into her office wondering what she wanted to talk to me about, she proceeded to tell me about a random job opening they'd just had. She knew from Kent's mom that I was previously a youth minister and wondered if I'd be interested in teaching a 7th grade bible class! It took me by surprise and I definitely needed to think about it. I have never really taught in a school before (although yes, my degree IS in education and I student taught in a middle school, like, forever ago). School starts in 8 days and I don't know any of the material (though I HAVE been reading my bible daily for quite a few years...). And I have no 'business casual' clothes in my wardrobe so I'd need to get a bunch of new 'teacher' clothes. But the more I thought about it, I realized this is where God wants me and I can use my gifts and passions in this setting more so than just a random job at a coffee shop or nannying. I love teaching, I love the bible, and yes, I do love junior high kids.

So, although I'll have to get up WAY earlier than I'd like and dress up every day, I am excited to build relationships with these kids and teach them about something incredibly life changing! Praying God will show me what to do, how to teach, how to manage a classroom! I still don't have the curriculum they are using or know ANYTHING of what this year will look like. But God likes to keep me in the dark so I have to trust him daily and walk by faith. I will be posting about my kids in the future and am sure it will be a great experience!
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