Monday, February 27, 2012


How far along? 21 weeks
Size: small cantelope was 20 weeks; this week it says a banana? interesting. She's between 12-16 ounces
Weight Gain? 7 pounds-ish

Symptoms: Back pain while running.
Maternity clothes? bought a bella band so I can still wear my normal pants comfortably (SORT of comfortably). I also found some cheap maternity jeans and a couple dresses that are super comfortable. I feel like I've been buying lots of clothes over the past few months to fit my ever-changing body. Not the best idea but it's annoying not to fit into regular clothes (or maternity clothes quite yet.) I still need bigger shirts! 
Sleep: Haven't been sleeping well. So frustrating!
Movement? I finally felt the baby KICK! We were on our way to Bible study Wed, Feb 15th and she totally kicked me a few times. I've felt her about 4 other times since then, but it's not very often.
Food Cravings? Still on my fruit kick. Bagels from Panera lately. Chips and cheez-its still every day at lunch :) Gummy candy.
Gender? It's a GIRL! Hopefully ya'll know that by now from previous posts
Name? We have narrowed it down to two of our favorites. Can't figure out how to decide, but hopefully it'll come to us. 
What do you miss the most? Not having to pee every 10 minutes. Especially when I go running. Super annoying.
Looking forward to: We are going to Chicago over our spring break March 11-17th, and I'll get to see all my high school besties! Most are moms by now, so I finally get to be around friends who know what I'm going through and can give me advise and support me! Love my Memphis peeps, but we haven't really found many friends at our same stage of life, and of course, as great as new friends are, there is NOTHING LIKE THE OLD! So I can't wait to see them and my family of course. And we are having our first baby shower! I am so excited to get ready for baby A!
ALSO looking forward to finally have a NAME for her.
ALSO excited to have a legit baby bump that everyone clearly KNOWS is a baby bump and then I can stop trying to hide my awkwardly large tummy. (Although with having such a short torso, I have a feeling the whole thing may just be huge, and I may never have the cute belly that just sticks out right at the bottom. oh well. it's not about me. Grow, baby grow!)

I'll post another non-baby life update soon. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gender Reveal Party!

The Ladies
So, we invited our whole family over Friday night to find out together if we are having a BOY or a GIRL! We had a doctor appointment that day at 11:15, and the doctor put the baby's gender in an envelope. That afternoon, I trained my two teachers, brought cupcakes, a pink and blue gumball, and the envelope. After training, I had them put the pink or blue gumball in one of the cupcakes. Later that night, we would all eat one and find out what the baby is! Everyone came wearing blue or pink to show which they thought the baby would be. Here's the recap!



Had pink and blue drinks, chocoloate covered pretzels, and pinkn and blue candy to make it festive.

Kent was taking down bets on when the baby would be born, its weight, and gender.

The moment of truth...CUPCAKE time!
We all bit into our cupcakes, waiting to see who would find the gumball!

It was in MY CUPCAKE!

And the color was...

PINK!!!!! We are having a GIRL!!!

The whole family, SO excited about this new little baby and all God has in store for HER! pick a name!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello Belly.

Time is going by faster now...can't believe i'm almost HALFWAY! I honestly feel like my stomach really popped out this past week and i'm on my last few days wearing normal pants or at least I'll need to use rubberband to give me a little more room where they button. It'll be a few more weeks I'm sure, before I have a cute belly that people can be sure about a baby being in. I don't want anyone touching my stomach right now, as it just feels like I'm pudgy.

How far along? 18 weeks
Size: a sweet potato, 5.6 inches, 6.7 oz. 
Symptoms? Lots of headaches. No migraines, thankfully, but almost constant headaches. Peeing often. I'm sure from this point on that can just go without saying. 
Weight Gain? I'll find out at the doctor clue 
Maternity clothes? my sis just sent me a box with some shirts, skirts and dresses. I think it'll be a few weeks before these will fit, but I'm glad I have them on hand. And if the weather would just warm up, I can wear comfy flowy dresses and not worry about dress pants. ugh. 
Sleep? Not sleeping great at night. Usually I'm uncomfortable for some reason. But I still try to take a nap every other day or so.
Best moments so far: Our 18 week ultrasound was to see so much of the baby! And Finding out if it's a boy or girl! OH MY GOSH! Pics to come from our 'gender reveal' party!
Miss anything? I miss going on long runs. If I go more than a couple miles, I have to take a pee break and haven't wanted to push myself too hard. 
Movement? I can't feel the baby move yet! They say any day now. 
Food Cravings? Still on my fruit kick. I have two huge boxes of clementines and eat lots of oranges and grapefruit. Weird, cuz I usually am not a citrus person. Still eat a lot of chips, but now rotate in Cheese-its. Not eating much meat, but more carbs than usual.
Anything make you queasy? Still no coffee, no mint gum. Weird, I know, but, yeah.
Gender? to be revealed in the next post!
Look forward to: I can't wait to get the baby room set up! We picked out a crib and dresser. So we are ordering those and it'll take awhile to get them shipped and put together. Then the fun stuff of decorating. AND...i can't wait to buy BABY CLOTHES! It's taking me so much restraint not to buy stuff every time I'm out. We started registering for stuff too. That's exciting but OVERWHELMING because, MAN, there is a LOT of stuff that this little thing needs! Sheesh! 

Anyway, we are off to Fayetteville this weekend to see favorite people and celebrate the beginning of Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Kara Kramp!
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