Monday, March 26, 2012

Belly Update

 Time for a belly update! It is CRAZY how big I have gotten the past couple weeks! I just suddenly POPPED!

How far along? 25 weeks
Size: Kennedy is the size of of a rutabaga. Again, WHAT are these fruits and vegetables? 1.5-2 lbs. My uterus is the size of a SOCCER BALL. Glad that that's what the website said, because it sure feels that big!
Weight Gain? 11 pounds maybe? I''ll find out at my appointment this week!

Symptoms: Back pain while running, it's like all up and down my spine, and hurts when I breathe.  I don't know how the baby is the cause of that exactly.
Belly Button in or out: It's still staying put, but it is getting flatter and I'm getting nervous! 
Maternity clothes? Yep. Well, I mostly wear normal dresses to school since they are stretchy and way comfortable. I hate all the preggo pants I have, so if I'm not wearing a dress, I have one pair of black stretchy dress pants I wear. I finally have a few maternity shirts I'm wearing. They feel great!  Even a few tank tops from Gap maternity that I can wear to Track to cover that big ole belly!
Movement? Oh man, she is kicking ALL the time. Especially at night. Love that Kent can feel her too, and every night we watch a tv show after dinner and he just rests his hand on my belly and feels her moving.
Food Cravings? Nothing new. 
Gender? It's a GIRL! Hopefully ya'll know that by now from previous posts
Aches and pains? Well, yes, especially after Friday's incident. I'll tell ya that at the bottom. But from baby, my back occassionally hurts when I start running but that's about it.
Looking forward to:
Getting our nursery ready! We've had some set backs with the crib/dresser we ordered so we had to pick a new one and reorder it. WHen that comes, it's game time! We first have to move out all our desks/office stuff set up in there. And buy all the decorations. But here are some ideas!

We are thinking of painting the room a robin blue. I love this rug. My friend Heather is making a crib skirt like this one w/ 3 different fabrics. We have dark brown furniture though, not white.
This is the material we chose for the crib skirt. Our main colors-aqua, yellow, and coral pink. 

My friend Heather is also making curtains for us like these!!! I am SOOOO excited! Love the ruffle.

So about what happened Friday. I finish teaching my 1st period Bible class and head to 2nd period, like any other day. I help out with ESS (special needs) 2nd period and Friday I was in Science taking notes. I was sitting at a lab desk on a stool, like every other kid, typing away on my computer when I started feeling extremely dizzy. Something wasn't right. I thought about trying to go out to the hallway because I felt like I needed to lay down. But next thing I know, I am in a heap on the concrete floor, people looking down at me and the 8th grade teacher of the class is trying to wake me up. I am dripping sweat and feel like I've been sleeping for hours. WEIRD FEELING. The kids all clear out and people are getting me ice and a wash cloth. I try to look around but am seeing spots and feel like I have a migraine. Then Kent appears out of no where.  (SO thankful he works in the building next to me!) I felt horrible, I just wanted to lay down and sleep. I had hit my head pretty hard on the floor and had a huge goose-egg already forming. I had a pretty bad concussion. I was pretty disoriented and nauseous. They took me to lay down in the teacher's lounge while Kent tried to call our doctor (and couldn't get through for the longest time. SUPER frustrating). They finally decide to take me to the ER. I did NOT want to go. As they tried to sit me up and put me in a wheel chair, I got super nauseous again and thought I was going to throw up, so I asked to lay back down again. Next thing I know, I am sobbing uncontrollably, feeling horrible and helpless, with a pounding headache. After laying down a bit longer, they try again, and wheel me downstairs to where Kent had pulled up the car. Off to the ER we go. I cried the whole way and said, 'just take me home, I just want to sleep! We can't afford the ER'...haha.

Kent's wonderful parents were already there somehow, and they took me to a room right away where THANKFULLY, I could lay down. Long story short, they checked Kennedy's heart rate, took my blood, hooked me up to an IV and hydrated me, took lots of blood pressure readings since it was pretty low, and did a CT scan. Besides the blood pressure being low, the other tests came back okay, so after 6 hours and my color returning (and my mind working normal again), we were able to head home. NOT MY FAVORITE DAY! They don't know why I blacked out in class. The painful side effects I think, were more from me hitting my head and getting a concussion. But we were thankful baby A is okay and are hoping that doesn't happen again! Other than THAT, we are doing well!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Skinny Oatmeal Cookies that TASTE good

Quick post! Bake these NOW!

I was in the mood for some oatmeal raisin cookies (FAVORITE) and thought I'd try to be healthy (you know me), so I went to my pinterest 'healthy sweets' board (found here) and made THESE!

Low fat, chewy oatmeal cookies!

The recipe says chocolate chips, but Kent likes raisins better. I could go either way. Anyway, here is the website I got them from skinnytaste. The only changes I made were using splenda, not sugar, and whole wheat flour instead of white. Pretty sweet, huh? Barely ANY butter, no oil, ONE egg. Guilt-free! AND DELICIOUS! Now I've made my share of not-so-yummy things in the name of health. Some of them MAY be on this blog! But this and husbands will eat them not even knowing the difference! Happy to pass on ways to make your life SWEETER :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We've got a name!

So let me fill you in on the PAST WEEK in the lives of Kent and Jenni.

Last weekend, Kent took his brother, Lane to New York for an indoor track meet while I drove to Branson to visit dear friends! There was a Kanakuk Institute reunion for all 10 classes and I went to meet up with a few of my peeps from the class of '05! (Yes, I did live in Branson for a year.) It was SUCH an incredible year of my life that I will never ever forget! (I'd recommend it to ANY who are about to graduate college and want a year to soak in God and his word and be equipped for a life of ministry, no matter what job you are called to do! Click here for more info)
Me, Kelley, Kim, and Cari (They all live in Dallas now!)

Bestie! Kelley Sawyer
(Notice I don't look that pregnant yet. Oh, but wow. It feels like only 2 days later I POPPED! No joke. Pics to come). 

So we both got home from great weekends on Sunday night but were exhausted! We were SO ready for our Spring Break! Monday we totally relaxed at home and Tuesday hit the road for sweet home, Chicago! I was pumped to see my family again (I last saw them at Christmas) and mom was so excited to see how the baby has grown and celebrate with me!
Of COURSE I had to see my bestie, Kendra, and her two little pumpkins! They're 1 year old!
 We had a blast relaxing at home and seeing my favorite people. Saturday, mom had a shower prepared for me! YAY! It was soooo awesome to be surrounded by familiar faces, people who were so excited for Kent and I to jump into parenthood. Many of my mom's friends (who I regard as SUCH incredible moms and godly women) came to support me, and I also got to see best friends that I grew up with (many of whom are also moms now and can give me much needed advice)

I was definitely 'SHOWERED' with baby necessities (and some not-so-necessary but SO CUTE) which was SUCH a blessing, thinking of all the 'stuff' you need for a baby!

Sweet friends, Kara and Sarah (moms of THREE!)

I love ruffle butts!

Cutest little ruffled swim suit! i can't WAIT to take her swimming

The crew! Closest friends from church! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!
Anyway, it was soooo fun and made this whole thing SO MUCH MORE REAL! Plus the fact that baby is kicking me all the time AND the fact that my belly POPPED and I am suddenly SO AWARE of this little person inside me (as is everyone else who sees me now!)
So we came back Sunday night and hit the ground running this week, back to school, track in full swing. But the last announcement and exciting news for ya is this. Over the break, WE NAMED HER! (Of course we reserve the right to change our mind at any time but here is her name for NOW...)      

Kennedy  Joy  Austell. (KJ for short)

We wanted a name that wasn't super popular but not weird either, and not too prissy, Since I always like to shorten people's names, her middle name had to be something we could use her initals with, and we wanted it to be something meaningful, too. Joy is something we do PRAY over our little girl! And we all know that true joy only comes from salvation in Christ! So the name "Kennedy" means 'armoured head'. Weird, I know, but work with me, people. In Ephesians 6, it says to put on the helmet of salvation. SO...we pray for baby Kennedy to have on the helmet of salvation and be FILLED to the measure with the Joy that comes through Christ! PLUS...if you'll notice, it DOES happen to be Kent and I's initials, which is also cool :). So now you can pray with us for baby Kennedy by NAME!

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