Saturday, June 30, 2012

When's that BABY due?

I haven't blogged in forever. I guess I feel like I've been in this 'waiting' phase and have nothing exciting to really post about. But for the sake of keeping this thing going, I'll fill ya in on the last couple weeks for Kent and I.

I'm about 39 weeks right baby could come any time (we've said that since 37 weeks...ready and waiting for her in case she's early). It REALLY is surreal though that this whole pregnancy thing is nearly over and will end in the whole 'parent thing'...that I'll be a MOM and have a DAUGHTER...that Kent and I will forever be called parents. Whoa. So although our hospital bags are packed, the nursery is done(ish), and all her little newborn outfits and blankets are washed and ready for her...I STILL cannot believe I will VERY soon have a KID! Sorry if I've said that a lot, but I just can't quite get my head around it.

Anyway, since we've been back from our Babymoon at the beach, here is what life has looked like. While Kent's been busy with sports camps and training at Briarcrest, I have been running endless errands to get baby stuff for KJ, cleaning up the house, baking, reading, and waiting. We have watched Olympic trials, hung out with as many friends as possible, gone out to dinner and the movies, and tried to keep exercising despite the nasty heat. The past week, Kent has been OFF WORK! So we have LOVED hanging out together and soaking in these last quiet days. He gets next week off too, what a HUGE blessing!

Let me capture for you the past couple weeks in pictures.

First, here is me at 38 weeks:  
 I've been feeling pretty good, I really can't complain much about this pregnancy! Surprisingly, I haven't felt that first-trimester tiredness again and have had plenty of energy to get things done each day. The awful back pain I was having is SOOO much better, and I can sit now for however long with no pain. I can still run just fine, but Kent has been decreasing my mileage as the weeks go by, and especially with this heat he doesn't want me outside for long. So 25 minute runs will have to do, but I'm so thankful I can still run. It's one of my favorite things. I'm eating normal, no stomach issues, and definitely an increased appetite this trimester. Can't sleep at night...takes me a few hours, so that's the only negative. I'm having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions where my stomach gets super tight/hard for about 30 seconds, then relaxes. Doesn't hurt but it's kinda weird. My latest addiction this trimester is CRUSHED ICE, and I am chewing ice all day long. Getting these Polar Pop's from the nearby gas station is one of my daily highlights. I've also been making smoothies almost daily.

NURSERY PICS...I've posted a few along the way. I don't think these are really new except for the rocker! Mom made the button "K" hanging and we made the butterfly mobile together. We bought a wood end table and lamp from TJ Max and painted the table aqua.

Fabric rocker/glider from Kent's mom.

Friends made the quilt, wall canvas, and crib skirt for me! Curtains are coming.

My bf, Kelley, made the fabric banner which we hung over the changing table.

What else...hanging with friends!

We went to Fayetteville for one last getaway where we got to see our sweet friend, Shelley, get married, catch up with all our K-life & Fellowship friends and attend a baby shower that Cari and Maura threw for me! It was SUCH A BLESSING!
Adriane worked with me in student ministry at Fellowship and we are both due at the same time!

Had the sweetest baby shower with all my dearest friends!
Also, our close friends, Josh and Britt moved back to Memphis (from Illinois) last month and we are SO thrilled to get have them nearby (and their precious boy, JJ...KJ's future husband). This is Brittany and JJ at Kent's parents' pool. We have been over there to swim (float) a few times this summer.

We have gotten together with people from our Sunday school class quite a bit for dinners and get-togethers, which has been AWESOME. Saw "What to expect when you're expecting" with the other couple in our class that is pregnant-due 10 days after me. And have hung with Kent's family a bit to celebrate Kent's birthday which was Friday, June 29th.
His day consisted of opening presents, going on a run, eating cinnamon rolls, playing scrabble, going to see Hunger Games with me, then going to his parents pool & having dinner with them.

The night ended with his favorite, mint oreo pudding pie! Find a similar recipe here

I have been in a major BAKING mood, so here are my two latest new recipes. 
Blueberry Crumble muffins I made for Sunday school. Click here

Kanakuk coffee cake. AAAmazing. Click here

And lastly, this new PANCAKE recipe I'm obsessed with. I don't have a picture but hurry up and click here because once you make these you won't go back. And they are SO GOOD FOR YOU! deliciousness.

That's about it! Next post will be about our delivery experience and NEW BABY! Pray for us! 
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