Thursday, August 16, 2012

We've got a SMILE!

So it has been 5 weeks since KJ was born!

Here's what's been going on lately. I mentioned this in the last post and am still struggling a tad with being home all day. In my past jobs, I have always keep pretty busy and have always been around people all day. While I am pretty content with low-key nights at home after a long days work, getting used to being home ALL DAY is something else. With Kent being back at work the past 2 weeks, the days can seem LOOONG. I think it's just because she is so little and still sleeps so much during the day, but I just feel a bit guilty sitting around at home with her, laying with her, reading and watching TV when she sleeps...I KNOW it's just a stage and she'll soon become active and I'll be chasing her around all day. I also know it IS an important job to just be her mom and be there for her, but I don't want to get into bad habits and become lazy. I need to use my time wisely, clean my house, cook meals, run errands, and structure my day better.  I wouldn't trade this job for the WORLD and am SO thankful I get to stay home with her! She is my buddy! It has also helped that MOPS started up at our church yesterday where I will get to meet and fellowship with other moms of young kids every other week. In September, I'll start up a bible study on the book of James Thursday mornings, so that will also be wonderful. AND...once the weather cools down, I have some friends with kids who I can go on walks with during the day, so that will help too.

Here are mine and Kennedy's up to date accomplishments and habits!
-I try to get 2 small things accomplished every day, whether it's vacuuming the house, making dinner, doing laundry, or today it's writing this blog and picking up Kent's dry cleaning. But at least I can say I did SOMETHING productive.
-I've made it to sonic at least twice a week since she was born. (That's an accomplishment right?? Gotta get my crunchy ice and diet cherry limeade to make it through the day!)
-I started running again this week and am up to 3 miles. I hated not running for 5 weeks! I walked every day but that does NOT give you the high that running does! And now I have to start from scratch...
-I have tried many new pinterest recipes. That's about the only thing I accomplish on pinterest. Too bad I'm not crafty so our house would be a lot cuter and I wouldn't be eating NEARLY as many sweets!
-We made it to KJ's 1 month birthday (I think that's an accomplishment for US too)

-She was 10lbs 9oz and 22inches at her 4 week doctor appointment. WOW! That's almost a pound a week! That's my girl! (I was a chunk of a baby with a HUGE belly, and Kent was 10lbs 2oz at she doesn't stand a chance of being small :) )
That puts her in the 85% for length, 70% for weight, and 65% for head circ.
-When laying on her tummy, she can lift and turn her head from one side to the other She has been lifting her head since like, 5 days old! Strong neck! (Athelete in the making! :)
-During the night, she has slept 7 hours straight TWICE (those were FABULOUS nights!) but usually goes 4 hours between night feedings
-She still eats every 2.5-3 hours during the day (and eats like a champ!)
-At night when we lay her down awake, she can go to sleep (CRY herself to sleep) on her own. (SOMETIMES this works). We are supposed to start 'sleep training' next week and I guess teaching her to put herself to sleep is part of it, but she REALLY prefers us holding her til she falls asleep)
-She lets us give her a bath without crying

-She smiles and laughs in her sleep (one of my favorite things!)
-She will smile purposefully on occassion now (another one of my favorite things)

-She constantly has the hiccups
-She makes the goofiest expressions

-She sleeps most of the day away, but when she is awake, she is SUPER alert and takes everything in. I LOVE when she is awake and content!

-She LOVES to stare at lights and ceiling fans
-She loves music (especially when dad plays guitar and we sing worship songs!)

-She is always ready to party from around 7:30pm-11:30pm. She still will NOT go to sleep during these hours, as tired as her parents might be, and is especially cranky. (Especially now that dad has to get up at 5am for work, those late nights are not appreciated.) We are thinking that's colic, right? Nights are SUPER hard with her right now so pray this passes!
-She hates when anyone touches her feet
-She LOVES when dad kisses her cheeks
That's about her life right now!

What else...
Well, I haven't had the greatest 'quiet times' with the Lord since KJ arrived. I've been a little distracted...but God has really been teaching me a LOT since becoming a parent! I feel like I have gotten deeper revelation of who God is in the last few weeks.

One thing I can see more clearly is that God's love for us as his children is SO absolutely UNCONDITIONAL. If we as parents LOVE our kids when ALL they do is cry and fuss, eat, poop, and spit up on us, how much MORE does our heavenly father love us, just because we are HIS! This makes me feel so secure in God's love!

Another huge thing for me is this: KJ can't 'do' anything. She is completely helpless and dependent. She can't help around the house. She doesn't say thank you when I feed and bath her. She just....IS. My favorite times are when she just sleeps on my chest or snuggles in my arms and I just get to BE with her. When she rests on me and is CONTENT, I am LOVING LIFE. I hate when she fights against me, pushes away and won't calm down. I just want her to relax and rest on me and let me love her.
I realize more now how much I try to EARN God's love by DOING things...thinking that if I just read the word more, prayed more, served more...that He would love me more. KJ has reminded me how much God just enjoys BEING WITH US! Sure He's proud of us and loves when we do things for Him, but when we are just CONTENT and are resting/abiding in Him, he is overjoyed! If we'd just trust Him, depend on Him, lean on him, and just enjoy being his children, He would be so happy!

One of my favorite verses has always been Zephaniah 3:17, and it has even more meaning for me now as a parent about how God feels about us.

"The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you. He will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing." Zeph 3:17

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