Thursday, October 11, 2012

Being 3 months old is awesome!

Kennedy Joy

You are 3 months old today, October 11th!

SO many things have changed about you over this past month!It is AWESOME to see you learn new things and you are getting cuter and smarter and bigger every day! I often look back at pictures from when you were born and cannot believe you were ever that little and fragile!

Your Routine:
-You still go to bed between 7:30 and 9pm. You usually sleep through the night and wake up between 7:00-9am. (Although for some reason this past week you have been waking up once between 3-5am for an extra feeding...which you haven't done since 6 weeks old! Growth spurt?) I LOVE waking you up in the morning! You are so happy and playful.
-Around 11am, we go on a walk or run through the neighborhood (which you don't like very much because you are stuck in one place). We are going to need to find you some baby mittens and warmer clothes now that it’s getting cold!
-You take a long nap sometime between 11am and 2pm and another around 4pm. The rest of the day you may take small cat naps, especially if someone is holding you.
-You still eat every 2.5 hours or so. (I don’t have a clue how much you eat because you are still breastfeeding, but when I pump a bottle for you, I give you about 4-5oz).
-You hang with your lolli (grandma) Monday and Thursday afternoons for a couple hours so I can run errands and personal train.
-You hang with your baby friends in the church nursery Sundays, Wednesdays (during MOPS) and Thursday mornings (during mom’s Beth Moore bible study).

Your latest Accomplishments:

-You started putting your hands together this past week and it is adorable.
-You started reaching for things like your caterpillar pacifier and the toys on your play mat, and can even grab on.-You flipped yourself over from your stomach to your back last week! (I often find you flipped over in your crib when I come get you in the mornings.) This week you made it from your back to your side, and almost onto your stomach. You are SO squirmy! I can't turn my back on you for one second when you are on your changing table.

-You are ‘talking’ a little bit more, cooing, imitating us and enjoying the sound of your own voice.
-When you are laying, you often stick your right leg straight up in the air and just keep it there for awhile. So funny! Your dad is convinced it's a sure sign you will be a hurdler.

Areas to work on
-You HATE your car seat. You literally throw a fit and cry hysterically for at least 20 minutes whenever we drive anywhere. It’s very stressful! Even when you are sitting in the stroller on our runs, you pout and cry. THIS has GOT to stop!

-You just hate sitting these days. You want to stretch out, lay, or stand. You won’t stay in one place for very long and we rotate you from play mat to swing to nap nanny every 10 minutes or so during the time we can't hold you. 
-You spit up SO MUCH. Not just right after you eat, but at random times especially when we are without a burp cloth. You also cough, gag, and choke a lot, which I think are all symptoms of acid reflux. Poor baby!

Your latest adventures:
-You road tripped to Nashville in September for the weekend to watch your uncle Drew run in a cross country meet. You did great sleeping in your pack and play at the hotel, but didn’t love the car ride (surprise surprise).
-You also road tripped to Fayetteville, Ar for the wedding of Anna and Andrew Pennington. You were first introduced to COLD WEATHER, you had your first sleepover with your friend Rozy Foster, borrowed her clothes and shared hair tips. You also got to meet mom and dad’s good friends from Fellowship Bible church and K-life (the place your parents met and later fell in love). 

Meeting your new buddy, Roz, for the first time, clearly jealous of her awesome hair.
Some of mom's Fayetteville besties

Bundled up in the freezing cold at the Foster's house

-You are going BACK to Fayetteville again this weekend for another wedding and to meet MORE of mom and dad’s good friends! YAY!

-Your Pops just did a 3 month photo shoot of you in his photo studio at home. So of course we will be posting more of those pictures shortly...Because I'm sure everyone needs to see MORE pictures of your cute goofy self!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Growing up

So besides baby updates, I'll tell ya some things going through my
head these days.

One thing lately I've been dealing with is a little bit of fear...
What I mean is... right now, I get to rock a crying baby, feed her,
change her, play with her, take her on walks and put her to sleep. And
although the crying fits try my patience, parenting is 'easy'! My
daughter is not out 'in the world' yet. She hasn't tasted the lure of
media or been bombarded by cultural pressures. She has no clue the
amount of evil going on around us, the state of our economy, the ways
truth is being twisted and Satan is deceiving us. She is innocent! One
thing everyone with older kids constantly tells me is how fast time 'enjoy the moments'. I agree with this. Time does fly...I
felt like it was 2 years ago that I was in college...Yet I've moved to
Arkansas, done youth ministry for 6 years, gotten married, bought a
house and now have a child!! I'm a grown up with a baby...and yet I
still feel like a kid myself at times. Where did the time go? Now I
have a child looking to ME to teach her about the world, to teach her
how to live for God and flee from the desires of our sin nature, to
'keep oneself from being polluted by the world', as James 1
says...that is so humbling, and terrifying! I know I can't keep my
daughter in a bubble...I can't protect her from everything bad. But
these young innocent years are SO precious...before she is worried
about what people will think of her, before she starts comparing
herself to others, before she starts being afraid to fail. Besides my
fear of the world influencing her in bad ways, I know that I still
struggle with so many things! There are lots of things about ME that I
don't want my daughter to imitate. SHEESH! Lord help me!

All that to say, I am HOLDING ON to this time with my little
girl...praying over her future and all that she will face, praying for
the character of Christ to be formed in her, praying she will fall in
love with Jesus, cling to him and not be conformed to the ways of this
world. I'm praying for Kent and myself, as we will need a WHOLE lot
more wisdom in the days to come with how to actually raise and parent
our daughter. I know I just have to take things one day at a time and
try not to worry about tomorrow, but I DO know this job is going to
get a whole lot harder! Have you all seen the movie Hook? One of my
FAVORITES! Don't you wish there was an actual place called Never
Land where we could all be kids forever?
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