Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Laughing all the way...

Kennedy Joy,
You are 5 months old today and we are so thankful for each day God gives us with you!

I will try to describe your personality right now. You enjoy people and new places and are super observant. You are content to be held and just watch what's going on around you. So far, you still let strangers hold you without a problem. You have a few 'happy' times throughout the day, and I soak in those smiles you give me!

I would have to say, though, that you are not the most easy going baby.Your attention span is extremely short and you seem to get over stimulated pretty easily, so your window of play time is pretty short. You are sort of over your play mat with the hangy toys. You are so rolly, you just flip onto your stomach and then get bored and fussy. (I think you are bored with most of your (5) toys, haha! I'm so glad nana is bringing a whole car full of them for Christmas!) I can't put you in the nap nanny anymore because you will try to roll off. That was where you spent the mornings with me as I ate breakfast and read my Bible.  So instead, I try to put you in the exersaucer we borrowed from Josh and Britt.
 It amuses you for maybe 5-8 minutes (after I act super excited about it and show you how to play with the toys on there), but then you are whiny and ready for the next thing. You aren't quite into reading books yet. Partly because you hate sitting, and partly because whatever object I am holding, you immediately try to put in your mouth. I think you are teething for REAL because you chomp on anything, not just suck on it, and seem to be in pain/fussy a lot. You have been trying these teething tablets, but I'm not sure they are helping. I tried giving you an apple and you loved gnawing on it.
         That being said, I gotta keep you moving and try to cue in instantly when you seem to be tired and ready for a nap. You seem to prefer to be held in my arms (although I can't sit and hold you, I have to be standing and often moving for you to be content). When we go shopping and I try to take you out of the car in your car seat and click you into the snap and go stroller (which is awesome, by the way), but you become discontent pretty quickly and I usually end up just carrying you through the store in one arm while pushing the stroller and trying to grab the grocery items with the other. It is exhausting! If I need to shower or grab a load of laundry and I set you on your play mat, you usually scream and scream til I can pick you back up again. Needless to say, I have become a SUPER fast shower-er.  During those naps you take, I am scrambling to get everything done that I possibly can. (I also  think my left bicep is going to be twice the size of my right one because when I hold you, I usually put you in my left arm so I can still do things with my right. I'm basically doing a 14 lb bicep curl for hours a day!)
            We have sort of figured out the schedule you prefer. If we are at home all day, which of course rarely happens, you will usually take 3 naps. These completely vary in amount, from 30 min to 2.5 hours. You get up around 7:15 and we play an hour or so, then you start getting fussy indicating it is about time for your first nap. You are ready again around noon and then around 4:30pm.  You STILL eat almost every 2 hours! So either you aren't eating much each time you eat, or you have an extremely high metabolism, because you are still growing like crazy and have lost a lot of your baby chub! So you eat about 6 times/day, and who knows how many ounces you eat because I nurse you about 90% of the time.
      You are still an awesome sleeper, sleeping about 13 hours straight through the night. I'm SO thankful for this!
      The doctor told us at your 4 month appointment to work on sitting with you. You HATE it! Haha, it's pretty ridiculous how much you will fight sitting. You will arch your back and try to straighten your whole body or throw yourself forward try to lay on your stomach. You want to be on the move, girl!
        You also love being naked.  I realize having a diaper on you 24/7 is a bit restrictive, but it is definitely a risk to let you 'run free' for even a short amount of time, as the cool air seems to encourage you to pee immediately.

Latest developments
-You just finally started LAUGHING! AHHHH! This is the best thing EVER! I have to work SUPER hard for it and do ridiculous things, but oh my gosh this is so my favorite. I THINK I finally found a ticklish spot if I squeeze your tummy the right way, and you like when I kiss your cheeks over and over or your belly or feet.
-You have really gotten better at reaching and grabbing onto objects. You can hold something with BOTH your hands, which is new, and you can hold onto an item for longer before dropping it. You really do try to touch everything and put it in your mouth.
-Your babbling and cooing has slowed down, I think because you are more focused on movement right now. It's so crazy that 2 months ago you talked way more than you do now.
-You still fit great in 3-6 month clothes and aren't quite big enough for the size 2 diapers we bought you.
-You reach for me! This is another one of my favorite things! If someone else is holding you and I come close to you, you reach out your arms! Or in the morning when I come get you, if you are on your back, you reach your arms up to be picked up. Love this!
-You can't quite reach your feet, but when you lay on your changing table, you love grabbing your legs. I have to put your toes in your hands for you to grab onto them, and I think it still surprises you that they are attached to your body :).
-You love being lifted high over our heads and brought down quickly. This HAS resulted in spit up landing on our heads, so this is only to be done BEFORE you eat. You aren't quite sure if you like being tossed up in the air yet.
-You have finally been spitting up less, which I will attribute to the acid reflux medicine we started you on 2 weeks ago
-You celebrated your first thanksgiving with LOTS of dad's relatives, a houseful of 30ish people, all of whom are AMAZING and love the Lord and love you!

-You took your first airplane ride to Chicago to visit Nana and Papa! You did pretty well on the plane, eating during take off and landing and sleeping for most of the ride. Praise the Lord!

-You met your second puppy dog and you weren't afraid of it!
 -We drove into the city, saw the lights (well, you screamed most of the drive) and went to Nana's favorite Greek restaurant where you got to meet all of mom's relatives. SO FUN!
-You also got to meet 3 of mom's best friends, Kendra, Annie, and Kara and had your first 'play date'.
It was an awesome weekend home, and nana and papa are excited to come here to see you again for your first Christmas.
 Love you so much, KJ! Happy 5 months!

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