Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bad hair cuts and grocery bags

Happy 8 months of life, my sweet KJ! (A week late! Oops!) You are such a big girl now! How did that happen so quickly?

Your 8 month photo shoot was not very successful because you would NOT sit still in that chair for one second! We'd sit you down and you would try to climb up the sides or off the end of the chair. That completely describes life with you right now though, always on the move!

Now that you have perfected crawling, you are experimenting with standing. You pull yourself up with anything you can grab onto! That is your latest greatest accomplishment and we are very proud of our little athlete : ).

What else has month 8 consisted of?
Since you can stand up in your crib now,  we of course had to lower the crib so you wouldn't fall out!

With your ability to pull up on the rail, you discovered your video monitor and always seem to be staring right at us when we turn it on to check on you. We often hear a thud as it falls off the edge onto the floor, and that's how we know you are awake!

The only way to keep you happy while mom unloads all the groceries is to let you play with the empty bags. Anything that crinkles and makes noise had always been great entertainment for you! (Don't worry, I'm very aware of the danger of plastic bags and watch you close the whole time). But these pictures are my favorite because they capture PURE JOY! 

Another fun memory this month is when mom thought she needed to cut your bangs because they WERE always in your face and she felt bad that you didn't know how to move them out of your eyes. So she cut them. Straight across. And you now look like a member of The Beatles!

Sorry babe! Don't know what to do now that I can't even pin them back, but good thing your hair grows fast! You also sort of have a mullet in the back, but I'm leaving it for now. You're still pretty darn cute : )

Your hair is so curly after your bath!

You decided you HATE naps and scream and scream when we try to put you down, even though you are soooooo tired. Now only 1 of the previous 3 naps seems to take, and those days where you only sleep 1.5 hours total during the day can wear me out! I'm SO ready for you to like naps again and get back on a schedule during the day. You still sleep from 7pm-7am and we love that consistency!

Don't know how much you weigh but I'm pretty sure you have filled out a lot this month! You have grown out of your 3-6 month pj's and pants. You wear size 2 diapers, size 1 shoes and mostly 6- 9 month clothes. Still no teeth!

We can REALLY make you squeal and giggle now and it's our favorite thing to do! You love being on our bed and that's where we have the most family fun and laughs.

A couple things I've noticed about your personality so far. You are a lot like your mama in some ways, (and not the good ones), and like your daddy too (praying you are MUCH more like your daddy! He is such a good person to imitate!).  You fight naps and always want to be doing something. You don't like to just sit around and chill. You aren't very flexible with your schedule or patient when you want something. You LOVE people and light up around them, but after being out and about, you are worn out. You recharge by being at home in a familiar quiet place. You are super curious and want to see, touch, and taste everything. You are very determined to figure things out. You can't make decisions yet, you are overwhelmed when there are lots of choices (ex: if all your toys are dumped out in front of you, you ignore them all. If only ONE is in front of you, you will move towards it and play with it.) You also haven't decided on a favorite toy or blanket yet. If two pieces of food are in front of you, you grab them both, one in each hand. You love being held BUT whoever is holding you can't sit down or you'll get squirmy and bored. That person must be standing and walking around so you can see new things. PHEW! Those are your preferences and it's amazing to see your personality come out already!

Lolli got you a walker, and you are enjoying figuring out a new way to get around. You are liking trying out finger food and being able to feed yourself. And we already see you starting to be rebellious, ignoring mommy when she says "No, KJ", looking at me and doing it anyway. YIKES! Not ready for that stage yet!

The past 2 months have been the MOST change and development we have seen in your life so far, and it has been a BLAST! Excited to let you explore outside for the first time this spring! You are amazing and so so fun, KJ, and we love you to pieces!

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