Monday, December 9, 2013

Gender reveal, Holidays, ER trips, and Getting huge

Its been forever since I've blogged. I knew I wouldn't be as faithful posting as I was during my last pregnancy (a lot less time & energy on my hands with a toddler!). But I'm at my halfway point (a little over) and wanted to check in with the latest.
Half way through this pregnancy I'd say it has been a lot rougher than the first. Morning sickness/nausea lasted much longer & then I've had one thing after another keep me from feeling back to nornal. I think it's also harder because I have a toddler to keep up with and can't really rest when I'm feeling bad like last time. Although everything is not as new and magical as the first time, I am LOVING feeling this little one kick all the time, seeing my tummy grow (a lot earlier this time around), and seeing KJ say 'baby' when I point to my belly. Being pregnant is such a crazy cool, hard experience. I have another dr apt Wednesday this week and am hopeful that all is well. 21 weeks pregnant feels like 28 weeks. I already feel huge, clumsy, and worn out. Last time I was barely showing at 21 weeks. I have no winter maternity clothes, just spring & summer! But I'm trying to embrace the belly and praise God for the growth. Baby is the size of a banana this week, 10.5 inches long and 12.7 oz.

We still don't have a name picked out for this little sweetie! We will let you know as soon as we decide. So much to think about. I like A names with Austell but those seem to be quite popular right now.

So KJ is 17 months! Almost 1.5 years old already. She is really saying a lot of words and it's wonderful to be able to communicate with her so well. She still uses a few signs, 'hungry', 'more', 'all done', 'please' and 'thank you' and usually says enough for us to know what she wants or needs. Her favorite words right now are 'hat' (and 'hot'-they sound the same) and 'puppy' (or pappy-my dad's name; also sounds the same). She repeats these over and over whenever she sees them. 
 She just got a new slide for her Christmas present, and we set it up in the living room already since we will be gone for Christmas and are often stuck inside these days. So right now she mostly plays with that, the small table and chairs my mom got her, her kitchen and play food, and her books (I wish I had a friend to do a book swap with-we are so tired of these same books!) I'll just say that I'm really glad we will be heading to Chicago for a week-KJ and I need a change of scenery and a houseful of playmates (her 3 boy cousins will be there too!) And nana has lots of fun toys waiting for them.
She is still goofy and expressive : )
She is still so friendly and social, loves people, says 'hi' to everyone, is a busy-body who never sits still (she won't sit in her high chair for more than 5 minutes and car rides are still rough). She really is very sweet and usually obedient. I just hope I am not allowing her to develop bad habits by letting her do certain things right now... Parenting is getting tougher!

We had an amazing Thanksgiving with my parents in town and all of Kent's extended family here in Memphis.  We did our gender reveal that day with them all and finally got to share the news we have been keeping to ourselves for weeks. Here is the link for the video, if you didn't see it on FB.

KJ is clearly thrilled to be having a little sister. At what point do you think they can understand the sibling concept? Not til she's at least 2 years old right? I'm sure it'll take awhile even after the baby comes...but I'm excited to see her as a big sissy!

Our ER trip (for those who are still reading this ; )

We did have a little scare last Saturday. KJ woke up and seemed fine, we went out to breakfast and came home, put her down for a nap. She woke up a little off, just wanting to cuddle. The next nap she took a couple hours later, she woke up very congested and pretty warm. She was very tired and clearly didn't feel good. She wanted to go down AGAIN which never happens, and after that nap, woke up VERY congested, couldnt talk, and would cry whenever she coughed, then struggle breathing and get really worked up. She was burning up, so we called her pediatrician. The nurse on call said to take her to Urgent Care if she was struggling to breathe. KJ was getting worse fast, so we headed to the Urgent Clinic. She was crying and wheezing every breath and even more so if she'd cough. We waited 30 minutes and then saw a doctor. At the doctor visit KJ had last month, she got 5 shots, so she does NOT like the doctor right now. Before he even touched her, she was crying hard, which made her breathing awful. I was a terrible 30 minutes of the doc trying to examine my baby who was freaking out and burning up. They said she had Croup pretty bad.  Her heart rate was over 200 (because she was so worked up). They did a breathing treatment for 10 minutes and she finally calmed down as they stepped out of the room. I thought she was doing better. But when the doc came back in (which worked her up again) she said KJ was stridering, a bad breathing issue which really concerned them. They called the ambulance to take us to LeBonheur Children's Hospital but wanted to give her a steroid first (which usually they do at the hospital) to get it started working in her system.

 So I hopped on the ambulance with my little and Kent took the car to meet us there. We asked for friends to pray and I was about to lose it, unsure of what was wrong with her and why we had to take an ambulance to the hospital. I hated watching my baby struggle to breathe. She has rarely gotten sick the past 17 months and it was scary for both of us. God started working and KJ was very calm on our ride to the hospital (a miracle for sure)... until the nurses there started poking her again...then she was hysterical again for awhile. Her fever was still high, (my shirt was drenched from where she was laying on me) but as we waited for the doc, she fell asleep and was breathing very well. 

I was so relieved and thankful she was resting as we waited there for the next hour. When the doc came in, he didn't even wake her. Took her temp and blood pressure and said the medicines were all starting to work and we would be able to go home that night. It would be bad for the next 2-3 days but the cold air would help if she struggled with breathing or coughing badly. If it didn't help we needed to head back to the ER. SO...we were able to head home late that night and KJ is on her 3rd day with Croup, sounding pitiful but not laboring to breathe, and we feel sooo thankful. 

I know many parents have dealt with sick kids and this turned out to be very minor, but it was scary nonetheless and makes me really empathize with parents whose kids are going through something more serious. Gosh, seeing your baby in pain and scared and being unable to do anything about it is awful. Praying for all those sick littles and their parents! And thanks for everyone who prayed for her!

That's all for now! I'm sure I'll post again after our Christmas in Chicago (woo hooooo!).
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