Sunday, January 12, 2014

Halfway to TWO and 3 months to FOUR

I am writing this on Kennedy's 18 month birthday! I am also 26 weeks pregnant, almost into the third trimester already and time is just flying! Here's the latest on our fam.
Kennedy is my best buddy. She really is. I LOVE having a daughter.
At 18 month she is 24lbs and 32 inches long (shot up to the 76th percentile in height!) She has expanded her vocabulary so much over the past month or so, and although she doesn't put more than 2 words together yet (and repeats the same word over and over and over), she can understand me and communicate so much which makes our relationship a LOT more fun! (Although I understand most of her new words, I don't know if others can understand 50% of what she says yet). She still signs for food, more, and please, even though she is now talking. We are working on learning colors and she can sort of count to 3 (she may just be imitating us and have no idea what 'one two three' means.)

We have our biggest struggles over mealtime when she doesn't want to eat what we are eating. She gets SO UPSET and sometimes ends up crying hysterically. We used to feed her bites off of our plate or put a few bites of a food on her tray, but found that what works best is to put all of her dinner on her own plate and let her feed herself whatever she wants to so she has options to choose from but is limited to whats in front of her.  Using utensils is still a learning experience, usually super messy but fun for her to attempt. She still refuses vegetables unless they are snuck into soups or those fruit/veggie pouches. She'll eat fruit all day long, but is still a pretty picky eater with things other than fruit, crackers, cereal, and cheese.

I was hoping she'd be ready to potty train this month or next (before baby #2) but I think she isn't quite there. She does follow me into the bathroom and pull out her little potty. She'll sit down on it, ask for some toilet paper and wipe herself (clothes still on) and then put it in the big potty and say, "bye bye" as we flush it down. Then we'll wash our hands together. She will tell me after she goes #2 but then runs away from me as I try to change her. We plan to start trying out her naps in her big girl bed next month and have her upstairs in her new room by mid March. This will give her a month to get used to a new room. Hoping for a smooth transition for all of us!

She is still always on the move and has a hard time sitting still for any period of time. Even being in her stroller for 30 minutes on walks and runs has become a battle. Thankfully, our road trips to and from Chicago weren't as awful as I imagined, and between her naps and meals, we were able to keep her pretty busy and distracted.

She has started singing to herself when she's playing or in the car, and it's one of my favorite things! Her favorite toys right now are play dough, her baby doll, her ride on car, and her play kitchen.  She loves to read books, go to the park, and be out and about with people. She likes to chase little boys around (all our friends have boys) and has yet to find a little girl her age to play with, poor thing. She loves the nursery at the gym which is our daily outing, time with her Lolly and Pops, playing on her slide and in her Elmo tent, and visiting dad at school. She still sleeps like a champ, 7pm-7am and takes 2 naps a day (might be transitioning to one in the next month.) Oh how we PRAY our next one sleeps as well as her! (KJ slept through the night at 6 weeks).   Kennedy is still so friendly and outgoing, saying hi to everyone she sees wherever we are. She started saying, "mommy" over Christmas break, and for some reason I just love it way more than mama. She snuggles with me, LOVES for me to hold her,  gives big hugs and kisses and is my sweet blessing every day. She really does live up to her middle name, bringing JOY to many, and I LOVE being her mom!

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