Sunday, February 9, 2014


Well, this pregnancy is FLYING BY and I'm already 30 weeks! Here are a couple bump pics.

Size: Baby is the size of a cabbage, 15.7 inches and 2.75lbs.
-I still don't drink coffee or chew mint gum-I didn't the whole 1st pregnancy either- but apart from that those are my only aversions. (I DID find out I can do cinnamon gum after 6 months of gum deprivation! YAY! Thanks Dez.)
-No weird cravings but I do snack a lot and try to eat like 5 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones. 
-I'm getting pretty tired again, like I did the 1st trimester, wishing for a nap each day but not often getting one. 
-I am sleeping ok, not great, and often wake up crying out in pain with my calf cramped up on a knot. Also KJ has been sick so I definitely don't sleep well with a sick one.
-I think I've already gained the amount of weight I did at the END of my 1st pregnancy! Oh well! Ya gotta forget about numbers when you're pregnant. I can't do things the same way I did the first time around when I didn't have a kid to take care of. My time is not my own anymore! I was running almost every day with #1 and then coaching track (aka running with the girls) and personal training in the afternoons. This time I'm still active but stuck inside a lot more. With it being winter, I don't run outside because KJ would freeze (plus pushing her around my neighborhood with those hills while pregnant would be the death of me) and I can't get myself to do the treadmill thing this time around. I still feel good and am exercising at the gym when possible. 
-KJ wants to be held a lot, and it's getting harder and harder to carry her around as my belly grows. My back aches I think from propping her on one hip while trying to cook and clean and all. She IS almost 25 lbs, and I'm already carrying around one baby girl! I'm a bit nervous for how KJ will do with baby #2 stealing all the attention. She is very mama-needy and when I tried to work in the church nursery one Sunday in her classroom, she wouldn't let me put her down to take care of other kids. Oye!
Looking forward to:
-Coming to an agreement on her NAME! This has been driving me crazy! I just can't commit to one and fully embrace it. I kinda like a few...but naming your unborn child is just so hard! 
-Our Florida trip! In two weeks, KJ and I will board 2 planes (sharing a seat seat, oh boy!) and head to Ft. Myers, Fl to meet up with my parents! They go every year to see my grandma and then head to Siesta Key for a week on the beach. We missed the last 2 years and with this loooong cold winter, I am DYING to go! I know it won't be like all my past beach trips, just laying out and relaxing in the sun. Having a toddler with me will be a new adventure for both of us! But I hope it's a sweet time with family and a special trip for KJ before her little sis comes into the world.
 Things to do before she comes:
-We are working on getting KJ moved into her new room upstairs. She took 2 naps up there in her twin bed one day last week, but that night got sick with a fever so I put her back in her crib for the weekend. I'll try again next week and hope for a smooth transition. I can't BELIEVE she'll be sleeping in a big bed upstairs by grown up!
-Move all KJ's stuff upstairs and pull out all our boxed up baby items to move into KJ's old room
-I still need to buy a few baby things. I'm searching for a double bob on craig's list (or hoping to borrow someones for a few months!!) My sis is almost done with hers after this summer (because her 2 oldest will both be in school all day and she'll be back to having just one at home.) But she won't be done til August and I really want one for when she comes in April 21 so I can get out of the house with both of them when Kent goes back to work. So if anyone has one I could borrow...please let me know!!! Those things are so dang expensive!
I also need another video camera for our monitor so I can have one in KJ's room too (we LOVE our Motorola video monitor). Who knows WHAT she'll be doing up there on her own now that she can escape her bed. Then of course, LOTS of diapers and maybe a few more swaddle blankets. KJ will NOT be sharing her aden-anais swaddle blankets with her little sis. She loves them (my most highly recommended item for new moms! See here for more ideas).
I think that's about all in my pregnancy world!

Here are a few snapshots of our daily life!

I looked back to see why she was so quiet on one of our car trips. Very focused on her book...She sure loves Elmo! It's that or she'll be singing songs or talking to her doll. She sings Jesus Loves me and other songs I can't quite decipher yet. LOVE it!

Had 3 besties visit me from Fayetteville a few weekends ago! (Kaylie not pictured)
Hanna, Dez, and Kaylie were in 9th grade when I first moved to Arkansas to start k-life and they were in my small group til they graduated high school. I LOVE THEM DEARLY and they finally made it to Memphis to visit me! That weekend Kaylie got engaged here in Memphis! It was so fun to be a part of it and rejoice with her! Love these girls so much and it was a blast having them here and seeing them love on my little. 

Speaking of KJ, what a ham! These are some of her 'say cheese!' faces!

KJ with Auntie 'Nenna'
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