Thursday, March 6, 2014

Florida, Doo-da, and Oucha

Kennedy and I got back from 80 degree Florida on Sunday to enjoy freezing rain, snow and a power outtage back here in Memphis. (I can't really show off my awesome tan when I'm wearing 3 layers of clothing and am bundled under blankets! Worst!) We had a great time with my parents and soaked up all the sun we could get. KJ wasn't a huge fan of the beach- she didn't want her feet to touch the sand or water, haha! Hoping it will grow on her. We still went for lots of walks on the beach pushing her in her stroller and then played in the pool ALL DAY LONG! She was content to play on the pool stairs with her buckets of water almost all day!
We also got to see my 92 yr old grandma who is such an amazing woman. (I don't know if she will remember that we came to see her, but I cherish every time I get with her.) I got my share of 7-eleven slurpees (favorite!)
and even got to go for a run almost every morning, which I haven't done at all this winter. It was a perfect trip and although the long travel to and from with KJ wasn't easy, it was defintely worth it.
But I am VERY glad to be back home with my hubby, despite the cold weather! He was so sweet and while we were gone, despite his crazy busy schedule, he painted some in KJ's new room and got a little garden spot ready for me to try to plant in a couple weeks! I have wanted a garden for so long and he just went ahead and made a little spot for me in the backyard! He has spring break next week, so after the local mission trip he is in charge of Sunday-Wed, we will have a few days off together as a family! YAY!
What's new with KJ at almost 20 months? Well, she has become a huge accessorizer. She has always loved hats and now insists on wearing one whenever we leave the house.

We bought her a necklace and bracelets in Florida since she always wanted to wear mine, so she will often have those on around the house. And she LOVES shoes! She definitely has more pairs than me by now and her favorite I think are her Nikes (she IS an Austell, afterall) that she has almost outgrown. She wears size 4.5 and it's about time to buy her size 5 spring shoes! It is HILARIOUS that my daughter loves accessories because I am the worst accessorizer there is! What else. She says so many words now that I stopped writing them all down. Her few phrases are "there ya go" (my favorite), "all done", "more please", "up please", "hi daddy", and "uh oh!". I can't think of the rest but I LOVE how she pronounces certain words right now- it is SO funny. I wish I could get it all on video. Her favorite shows are Dora ("doo-da") and Elmo on Sesame Street. We don't watch TV unless mommy is really tired or not feeling well.  She has officially moved to one nap a day. I try to hold her off til around noon, and it's anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours. She is also sleeping full time in her twin bed upstairs now and is doing great! She will just wait in bed each morning til we come get her. Still need to move all her clothes up there and then set up baby #2's room and try to change it up a little in that nursery.

OH! And we have named her! On Kent and I's valentines date, we finally committed. Brooklyn Grace Austell. We love middle names that describe the person and Kennedy Joy really is SO full of joy. Now we pray over this little one to be full of grace, to show grace to others and especially to receive the Lord's grace in her life- to know His love and forgiveness! Brooklyn really just means brook/stream and so we love to think of "streams of grace" flowing to her and from her. It is so cool to be able to write out her name and feel like we already know her better. I need to get her name on something to make it official- an outfit or blanket or canvas.

She went from the size of a pineapple last week to a canteloupe this week, weighing about 4.75lbs and 17.75inches long. They say she will be gaining 1/2 a pound a week! I've already gained 16 pounds so far this time around and I feel so big compared to my first pregnancy. I'm ready for her to DROP, because I have SO much pain around my ribs. The doctor said it looks like I have some dislocated ribs on my left side that are bruised and swollen. They stick out a little funny and have been super sore for about 6 weeks now. The pain is getting worse and all day long I have my hand on my left side, trying to push them back in place and get some relief! I guess when you are smaller and have a tiny torso, it isn't uncommon for the baby to push the ribs out farther so she has more room to grow and stretch. This is NOT FUN! But yes, Brooklyn, it's worth it! Hoping these next 6 weeks go by fast though, because I am already very UNCOMFORTABLE!

Memphians, give Kent and I some fun ideas for kid-friendly activities on our 3 days off next week! After spring break, track is up and running with meets starting up, so I know that will make March and April fly by. Let's go!

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