Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brooklyn's arrival

Brooklyn Grace Austell
8.9lbs 21 inches long
April 18th at 5:16pm

She's HERE! Another "GOD IS FAITHFUL" story!
Here's what happened. Kent and I checked in to be induced at Baptist on Friday morning at 8am. They started the Pitocin about 9am. The doctor came in and broke my water around 10:30 (I was only dilated about a 2). The contractions were quickly rolling, and by 11:00 I was ready for an epidural. I would have had one by 11:30 but the anaesthesiologist  got called away to an emergency C-section so I had to wait another 30 minutes, of which I was NOT a happy mama. Those 30 minutes were horrible but it sure made the epidural that much sweeter. Post-epidural, I was able to relax, and from 12-3 I just rested and hung out with Kent. The doctor came in and checked me around 2pm and I was only at a 4, so I was a little discouraged. But from 2-4pm I went all the way to a 9.5! God is so good! The nurse said we should have the baby within the hour so our families came to the hospital.
Sure enough, by 5:00, I got to push! Brooklyn was eager to get out and meet the world, and 7 pushes later she was here! They laid her right on my chest (with Kennedy they had to take her away and suck out the gunk in her throat so I didn't get to see or hold her for awhile). It really was such a great experience, not nearly as drawn out or intense as the first time with Kennedy. Our family all came in right away and got to meet her and we hung out in our room for the next 2 hours, just soaking in the gloriousness of God's little gift to us.

Aunt Jenna
Uncle Clay

Proud grandparents

Kennedy came to meet her sister the next morning and we were anxious to see her reaction. She was hesitant and quiet at first taking it all in, just saying, 'baby?' over and over. 

 She definitely wanted to be up on my lap when I was holding Brooklyn and was needy for mom's attention. I'm sure it'll take her awhile to adjust me holding another little girl!

We are so in love and so grateful to God for this perfect gift!

We introduced her to our extended family the next day on Easter and snapped a few family pics!

I'm really enjoying the time Kent has been home the past few days for us to bond as a family, and of course am SO grateful to my mom for cooking some delicious meals and loving on KJ during this transition! Thanks for celebrating with us! More pictures to come (sorry in advance : ) )

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ready to POP

So I'm 'full term' now, 37 weeks, which makes you feel like you could have the baby at any moment and need to be ready. But from my first go-round with KJ who came after her due date, it is the longest 3 weeks of your life! So I'm trying not to get my hopes up that Brooklyn will come early, and am trying to patiently wait out these last few weeks enjoying being a family of THREE! I will tell you that I'm very anxious about the change in our family, how Kennedy will handle it, and how I will do at being outnumbered all day long.  I am sad to have to divide my attention from Kennedy, and just for our relationship to change. I LOVE HER SO MUCH and love hanging out with her all day. She is so much fun to play with, especially right now as her language is exploding and she is jabbering away and sharing her thoughts more. I just hope that we will still be buddies and feel close when Brooklyn comes. I know it'll be so good for KJ to learn to 'share mommy' and to be a helper and know it's not all about her. I've started being really intentional now about telling her she will soon have a sister and pointing out the 'baby' items around the house. I'm very thankful my mom will be here for 2 weeks and can give Kennedy some extra attention in the initial crazy newness of it all.

That being said, I am SO EXCITED to meet Brooklyn! She is just dancing around in my belly all the time, hiccuping, stretching, kicking and telling me she is so cramped in there!  I really wonder if she'll come out with a head full of hair like Kennedy, if it'll be the same dark hair or blond like I had expected the first time around. Will this little girl actually look like Kent or I? Because Kennedy did NOT (and still doesn't really). Will she have colic like KJ did from weeks 6-10? Will she sleep through the night as early as KJ? (Please, please please!) I hope caring for a newborn just comes naturally because I really do forget what it's like! I DO remember the first 6 weeks of sleeping all the time, and cannot WAIT to just hold her in my arms and lay her on my chest. Ahhhhh...sweetness!

I think I have gained about 18 lbs so far (I'll find out at my appointment Thursday. along with seeing if I am dilated at all. I wasn't with KJ even by the time I got induced after my due date, so I'm not expecting to be. But it would be exciting!!!) Brooklyn is measuring bigger than KJ was at this point, so I'm expecting a baby bigger than 6.12lbs if she stays put til the end. Some moments it feels like the skin on my stomach will split open; it cannot possibly be stretched any further. (TMI? Sorry!) Most of my maternity shirts are about to be too small to cover this belly and I have a very limited wardrobe to work with. I don't want to go out much because I feel like people look at me like the baby might literally fall out at any moment. (And people do make really stupid comments to very pregnant women that I am trying hard to just ignore!)

I am not sleeping much at all. I still take some sleeping aid most nights but even with that, I'm often tossing and turning and unable to sleep. I'm eating ALL THE TIME. It may be that I'm bored/anxious more than that I'm actually really hungry but either way, I'm eating all day long. One thing I've made a lot of lately (stemming from my shamrock shake craving that never got satisfied due to NO McDonalds in Memphis selling them! WHAT IN THE WORLD!) I have tried to make some version of my own.
 Go ahead and buy this stuff. It's incredible.

Put a cup or 2 of ice in your blender, a cup of vanilla almond milk (or whatever milk), a Tbs of this creamer, a scoop of chocolate protein powder, and even some chocolate chips if you want to go crazy.
Best. Mint Chocolate Shake. Ever. You're welcome.

What else.
 Some sweet friends from church had a little shower for me at a restaurant a couple weeks ago and it was fun to have some special gifts just for Brooklyn, including a few packs of diapers (Hallelujah!).
  I still haven't done much to Brooklyn's nursery yet, but it's because my sweet friend Kelley is helping make some canvases with her initials to go above the crib, like this one...

My friend Laura is helping me with bird cut-outs for her mobile, that I hope will look like this:

And my mom bought this decal for me off Etsy that she'll bring with her when she comes.

So her nursery WILL be done at least by her first month of life : )
I still need to get a double stroller! I thought I was going to get my sis's double bob this summer but  she still needs it. So if anyone has one to sell or wants to trade for my single for awhile that would be GREAT! (I know I'll have one for the summer from a friend but after that ill need one!)

Funny mom story of the week:
I was shopping in Hobby Lobby with KJ one day and had made it to the checkout counter when a sweet mom leaned over to me and whispered, 'You have a Dora sticker on your butt!'  So, that was awesome. Story of my life right now! Haha! I'm sure many more funny stories to come!

Hopefully next time I post it will be the story of Brooklyn's arrival!

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