Friday, May 16, 2014

Sleepin All Day

Happy 4 weeks of life! You are absolutely precious. I LOVE cuddling with you (as much as your older sis will let me!), watching you sleep, feeding you, holding your hand, and being your mom! I am SO thankful you are healthy and doing so well. Although it has been a bit crazy around here with two little ones, you are such a blessing to me! 

-Your first 2 weeks you slept a lot during the day but cried for at least 3 hours continually with no reason we could find. I thought it was too young to be colic but the doctor said that's all he could think of. We got this awesome medicine-Colief, and attribute that to things being better the last couple weeks, though you still fuss and cry in the evenings.
-You don't want us to put you down at night, so getting you to sleep on your own is challenging. (Sometimes we have to just let you cry it out for a few minutes to get a break and to tire you out!) But for sure by 11pm, you are down for the night (in your rock and play in your own room) and will sometimes sleep all the way to 7am! We will probably start trying out your crib at 6 weeks.
-You have been doing 6-9 hour stretches of sleep at night since week 2, which is a huge blessing (think it helps that you are 10 something pounds!) The days are full and busy taking care of you and Kennedy, so I'm VERY grateful not to be delirious and sleep deprived.  (That doesn't mean I'm not really tired though! You and your sis are a lot of work at this stage!)
-You like to be swaddled with your arms out and sleep with your hands up by your face
-You still mostly sleep all day and I don't get to hold you much except for when your sis is sleeping. You are happiest in your nap nanny during the day (you don't love the fancy new swing we bought : ( darn it.
-You aren't often happy/content during your awake time (so I'm sort of thankful you sleep so much). I don't know if you have tummy issues or what, but I hope you will grow out of this soon so we can enjoy you awake! 
-You eat every 3ish hours during the day. No problems nursing so far.
-You soak through your diapers and dirty every outfit I put you in! Switching from Huggies to Pampers has helped.
-I just found a double BOB off craig's list and am HOPING you like to be in the stroller so I can start getting out of the house with you and your sis.
-You started getting too big for your newborn clothes and diapers at about 3 weeks, and measured 9.13lbs, 21.5 inches at your doc appointment last week. 
-I don't think you look like either of us, or your sister! But that could all change. Right now you have light brown/blonde hair and blue eyes. Hoping you will stay a blondie.

-You take a pacifier, which has helped us out so much with those colicky nights. Your sis wouldn't take one, so we will see if you stick with it. I would prefer you find your fingers to suck on but until then we are happy to have a way to calm you!

Love you sweet girl! Can't wait to watch you grow up (but please take your time!!!) 

"Mo-wah peas"

 KJ- You are 22 months today! Cannot believe you are almost 2!

You got a new baby sister this past month and seem to have grown up overnight. It makes me sentimental having a newborn and remembering when you were just a little peanut. Now you have your own opinions, personality, and will!  I still look back and treasure those sweet days of cuddling with you all day long as a newborn, but I am so thankful you still let me hold you and hug you.

I want to sum up some memories and milestones I forgot to record in the last few months. You have learned lots of new things, improved many skills-like using your fork and spoon, and your vocabulary and pronunciation of words grows every day! I wish I could record all the words you say and how you say them right now, it is so precious. I'm already sad when you learn to pronounce things the right way because it means you are growing up!

You have been saying words from months 13-16 so I won't list them all, but it's still super exciting to hear you learn more and more words, even now at 22 months! If I tell you something one time, you remember it and it's amazing how quickly you pick up on things. But here are some additional things you have learned.

At 17 months
-You started calling me 'mommy' instead of 'mama'
-You started singing! These are your 2 songs "Allelu, Allelu, Allelu, Alleluia! Praise, Ye, The Lord...", and "If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops Oh what a rain that would be. Standing outside with my mouth open wide. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah..."
-When you wake up in the morning or from your nap, you are content to just lay there and sing songs or say all the words you know. You'll lay there happily in your big girl bed until I come get you (usually around 7:30am).
-You started saying the word, 'No'. Not excited about this milestone.
-You threw your first fit because I didn't put on the Nike shoes you wanted to wear. (The battle over shoes has remained our constant battle the past 5 months!) At 17 months you are already asserting your opinions! Already loving Nike apparel. Already a shoe-lover. (you try on shoes all day long- your own, mine, and dad's). 

At 18 months you:
-Learned how to pick your nose (proud mama)
-fell running into the kitchen, split open your bottom lip and chipped the corners of your front teeth (Jan 15), so they will now remain chipped until you are like, 8. Great.
-Started being very clingy!
-Your favorite word continues to be 'mo-wah'(more) and you mostly say it to tell me you are hungry. You repeat it continually until I give you food. (Even if we are in the car 20 minutes from home. )

At 20 months 
-Your new favorite songs are Jesus loves me and the ABCs 
-you can count to 8!!
-Say a few phrases 'tank you' 'dabadoe'= 'there ya go' or 'hereago' = 'here ya go' 'uh oh' 'aw done'
-Pray with us and say,'Amnem'
-Love Dora the Explorer
-Call yourself 'KJ' and talk in third person quite often
-Favorite friend is Cliff
-Favorite book is your toddler bible 
-Want to wear your purse and hat everywhere (even when it's hot outside, you insist on wearing your winter hat).
-Every day we pass the school dad works at and you say, 'daddy cool'. (daddy's school).

At 21 months: 
-You got your second hair cut, at least 2 inches
-Say 'waTer' now instead of 'wawa', 'peeeas', 'tanks', 'oopies' 'oh man' 'oh boy!' 'let's go!' 'come on' 'hole-jew' when you want me to hold you, which is allll the time
-call your sister 'bookwyn'
-Loves your 'toesies' and shoes and are obsessed with everyone else's shoes
-Say "Watch! Watch!" when you want me to watch you do something
-Want to read books allllll day long (we neeeeeeed new books!)
-Hide (but not really) and then say "I see you!"
-Sing the Abc's all day long or twinkle twinkle little star
-Call me 'mom' now (ever since my mom was in town for Brooklyn's birth and you heard me calling her that, you started.)
-say, "Bye,  See ya'(you've never called him 'dad' or said 'see ya')
-pooped in the bathtub for the first time and now are terrified to take baths
-are obsessed with best friend Cliff ('biff') and McClane ('Clane')

 -started trying to put on your own clothes (which is hilarious and never successful)
-watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Dinosaur Train, Barney, and Dora (way more than you bad)

At 22 months:
You are learning to be a big sister. 
-You get jealous of any attention on Brooklyn. When I go to pick her up to feed, change, or quiet her down, you immediately start being whiny/crying for me to hold you. You'll climb up on the couch while I'm nursing Brooklyn and try to lay on top of her. I end up reading you books or letting you watch a show while nursing.
-You started using the word, 'mine'...never taught it to you and am not excited about your new repeated use of it.
-You experienced your first daytime thunder storm and freaked out when a huge crack of thunder felt like it hit our house (scared me too, so I don't blame you.) You were trembling and wouldn't let me go the rest of the day. Now you are nervous to go outside and say 'bye bye under. aww done' frequently throughout the day. You also woke up in the middle of the night sobbing and wouldn't let us leave the room. I think it was a nightmare but couldn't explain to me what scared you. Thinking maybe it was about that dumb thunderstorm.
-say 'self, self' when you want to do something on your own
-Started saying 'wuv you' back to us (melt my heart!)

Anyway...just had to make sure I captured a few of  these precious moments as I can already feel them slipping by. I love you more and more each day and am so thankful to be your mama (or 'mom' now, apparently).
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