Sunday, June 22, 2014

Brooklyn is 2 months old

One Month Old
You are 2 months old!  Time has flown by, and yet I still cannot believe we are a family of 4. This past month has been so sweet. You found your smile, your colic has passed, and you are sleeping through the night! Your sister loves trying to 'play' with you, laying on your activity mat with you and helping you kick and reach for the hanging toys. (I try to intervene when she squishes you and lays on top of you, but I am sorry I don't always catch her in time!) I really hope you two will love playing together soon!
-You started sleep training at 6 weeks old and it has made putting you down for bed so much better. We lay you down around 9pm and let you cry for 10 minute intervals, calming you down in between. By now, you will fall asleep after the first 10 minutes and you sleep til around 7am. You still sleep swaddled with arms out and we don't let you sleep with your paci at night, just during the day for naps. You sleep in your crib at night. I still don't have a nap schedule for you, so you just sleep wherever, whenever during the day.
-You nurse about every 3 hours. Apparently you are a great eater, because you are in the 88th percentile in height and weight, almost 12lbs and 23 inches. You spit up a lot. I change clothes like 3 times a day because of it.
-You don't like tummy time and can't really push yourself up with your arms yet, but your neck is getting stronger.

-You love to be held facing out so you can see everyone.
-Just the other day, you found your voice. It is our favorite thing to hear you coo and watch you smile!
-Your hair is staying blonde and your eyes are still dark blue. I think you look much more like my child than your sister did at that age. (See KJ at 2 months)
 -If you feel neglected at times, I am SO sorry! Your older sis is into everything right now and is very needy for mom's full attention. I do try to hold you and talk to you when she goes down for naps, but
I feel very bad that you are often just laying in your swing or nap nanny most of the day.  I was the second child too, and definitely felt like my sister was often the center of attention. I now realize that a mom can't help it most of the time, that a toddler is a HANDFUL (at least mine is) and life feels so crazy trying to meet both of your needs. You are so easy going compared to her that it's easy to just let you sleep or watch what's going on around you. I'm sure KJ is good entertainment for you right now. What a goofball!

-You were dedicated at church on Sunday and we had your dad's whole family there! It was so special to have our church body commit to helping us raise you to know and love God! We pray He is the center of your life and you truly live your life for Him! Love you!

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