Saturday, July 19, 2014

B is 3 (months)

Brooklyn Grace, You are 3 months old !!!

I had to put away all your 0-3 month PJ's and pants because they were too tight/short on your long legs. I haven't weighed you since last month, but can tell you have grown! It's always so sad for me to put away the tiniest set of clothes we bought for you and realize how quickly this baby stage goes by! We delivered a meal to church friend who just had a baby girl (PS, you will have SO MANY girl friends around your age! Your sister had NONE. 2 years ago everyone was having boys and now it seems that there are LOTS of little girls being born! YAY!) and I looked at the sweet itty bitty baby in her arms and already got sad that you have grown so quickly! BUT...there are so many fun things you can do now that you didn't then. So here they are!

 -Your smile is incredible. I LOOOOOOOVE interacting with you after a feeding or a good nap and seeing you bust out smiles and coos. Your little voice is the sweetest and you just started laughing!!!

-You love to play on your play mat and hit or grab onto the hanging animals. You really like to sit up. Your sister HATED sitting, we never used the bumbo with her. She wanted to be on her tummy and push herself up to look around. You hate your tummy time and if you are on your back, you strain and lift up your neck like you want to sit up. Here is your sis at 3 months.
 -You love your paci, love holding onto our fingers or a blanket or something while you sleep. You love your nap nanny and rock and play best for naps, except at night you just want to be held.

-Your schedule these days is still unpredictable but it's typically something like this.
Up around 7am for a feeding and right back to sleep til about 8:30. Then you are awake and happy for an hour or so and take a short morning nap. You eat again around 11 and then take a LONG mid day nap, sometimes 3 hours! Around 3 you eat again and then stay up for a pretty long stretch, maybe just a cat nap before you eat again at 6 or 7pm. We give you a bath and you are so ready to sleep by 7:30!

Even though you are so tired by 7:30, you won't always fall asleep. You can be pretty fussy and high maintenance at night. We keep you out with us until we get ready for bed around 10 and will give you one last feeding. Sometimes (lots of times) you will cry SO HARD when we transition you to your crib. This is when we just let you cry for 10-15 min intervals. It's the worst! Regardless if it is a rough night or an easy night, you are out between 9-10pm and you usually sleep through the night. (There was a random 10 day stretch of waking up around 2 for an extra feeding a couple weeks ago, but they say a growth spurt is common around 3 months, so I think that was why. I'm hoping you are over that now!)
 -You spit up a LOT, but I don't think it's reflux because it doesn't bother you. Your sister did this too.
 -You still love to be swaddled at night, arms out. You sleep on your back in your crib or rock and play.
-Your dad and I did a 24 hour getaway to Little Rock last weekend so lolly and pops watched you and KJ and you did great eating from a bottle and sleeping through the night.
-Your sister always asks about you when she first wakes up to see if you are still sleeping. She lays toys on top of you, trying to share them with you and she likes to kiss you on the head and give you a big hug (aka lay on top of you) before she goes to bed. I cannot wait for you girls to get to play together and I PRAY you have a great relationship!
We are soaking up these times watching you grow and change so quickly! We love you!!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

KJ turns 2

You are a hoot! 2 years old and at such a fun age. I wish I could just freeze this sweet time with you (most days). You are so goofy and always make me laugh! I look back at all the pictures and videos of you as a baby and as sweet as all of that was, I love the age you are at now! The way you mispronounce certain words, the way you put together sentences and express your thoughts, it is so precious. You really are my buddy! I love hearing, "I love you, mommy!" or "Mommy sad? Jesus make all better?" or "Daddy no leave work? All done workin daddy?" When I hurt my back a couple weeks ago, every day you would ask, "Back all better, mommy?" You have a huge heart and always want to pray for people.  You are very aware of and concerned about other people's feelings. You love reading your bible and singing songs to Jesus. And you are usually really sweet to your sister.

 You are also SUCH a diva. When I'm showering, you will play in the bathroom with my things, trying on my high heels, dressing yourself in my clothes, putting on my makeup or singing to yourself in the mirror.  

-You love to wear your 'fancy church shoes' or high heels because you can put them on yourself. You take them on and off all day long. You don't leave the house without your purse and perhaps a hat and necklace too.

-You are still a picky eater. You will love something and eat a ton of it one day and not like it the next. You may take a bite of something and like it, then take another bite and spit it out halfway through. That is always fun.
-You are still a rock star sleeper, taking a 2-2.5 hr mid day nap and then sleeping from 7-7pm.
- You basically play with your doll all day long, taking care of her just how I take care of Brooklyn. "It's otay, baby, it's otay." You change her, bath her, rock her and feed her. What a good mommy you will be!
-You are very aware of the potty, tell us when are going/have gone, but can't seem to tell us ahead of time. We do practice on the potty multiple times a day, and have tried potty training a few mornings, but unless you are sitting on your potty watching Dora for 30+ minutes, drinking lots of juice, you have yet to pee on the potty in time.  I think I'm just going to wait until your good and ready. You do like to try on your Dora underwear over your diaper and will be very excited to get to wear them for real. 
-You understand disobedience and know that if you don't obey, you get a spanking. (You will sometimes give your doll spankings). You also say, "Obey Jesus!" and know that we all need to try to obey Him. You probably get a spanking once a day and also spend some daily time in the 'whiny chair' when you have a bad attitude.
-You are still terrified of fire and thunder. The fire first scared you when we were at Osaka and you saw the chefs doing hibachi, and the flames shot up. You were trembling and clinging to daddy and kept saying, "All done fifer, all done fifer".  
-You talk so much, alllllll the time! I feel like the last 3 months especially, your vocabulary has tripled and your ability to speak in sentences just appeared overnight. The things you come up with all on your own are hilarious and if you hear things one time, you totally remember them. (We have to be very careful what we say around you now!). You definitely still get 'stuck' on an idea a lot, repeating the same word or phrase over and over and over again (until I sometimes want to bang my head against the wall). You definitely help your mama work on her patience!
-You are always singing a song to yourself and it's fun to recognize what you are singing. You currently love 'How great is our God', 'Bless the Lord, O my soul,' 'Jesus loves me' and ABCs.
-You started telling us your opinion about things. "I Like it" or "I no like it"
 -You are very focused on temperature since the time you burned your mouth on your oatmeal. Now you ask if everything is hot or warm or needs to cool down. "No hot? warm? cool down." You also make us pretend coffee all the time and blow on the cup for us.
-When we ask, "KJ, what's your name?" You say, "KJ Autell"
-Your Arizona cousins came to stay for your birthday weekend and every morning you woke up and immediately asked, 'Tousins over!?' You were SO happy to have everyone here, you barely slept. You really just LOVE PEOPLE, and always always always want friends to come over!
             These are your bestest buds, Cliff and Mclane. You have zero girlfriends. Yikes!

We celebrated your 2nd birthday with all our family and your friends. It was a SPRINKLE party and I had a LOT of fun with all the sprinkled treats and decorations.

You loved swimming with your friends, especially now that you have your AMAZING floatie vest!

              These are some of your favorite ladies and mom's dearest friends from life group ; )

You got an amazing present from Nana, Pappy, Aunt Leslie and Uncle James-a fancy new bike!

                              Here are some party pics that Pops took at your sprinkle party!

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