Friday, September 19, 2014

It's Toof Time!

Brookie Brook!
(For some strange reason, this is what we end up calling you 50% of the time! KJ calls you Bookie Book, but that's a compliment because she really LOVES her books)
Happy 5 months, my little buddy!

-It has been a very growing month for you! Your awesome rolling skills are demonstrated daily, and you will literally roll across the whole room once I set you down. I hate that our floors aren't carpeted because your head gets bumped often from you trying so intensely to move around. I also have a much stronger desire to clean my floors now since that is where you mostly live.
-I'd still say you don't have LOTS of happy awake time. You are the squirmiest baby and don't like to sit still for one minute. I never get to just calmly hold you except for nursing times. It seems like I'm moving you from the floor, to the bouncer, to the swing, to your crib all day long because you have such a short attention span in each thing.  
-You are in 3-6mo clothes, although some of the pants are already too short; you are SO long and skinny. Pants won't stay up on you, girl. And you are swimming in size 2 diapers (but they do help eliminate explosions!)
-You love toys! You are all about playing these days and I've finally gotten out all of KJ's baby toys for you to discover.
-You play in the Einstein bouncer for short intervals and love that you are upright and can see everything.
-You can't be in the nap nanny any more because you will flip yourself right out of it.
(I also put away the rock n play. I'm too nervous for you to nap in there now that you sit up and roll around so intensely.) 
-You love to chew on your sophie giraffe.
-Your two bottom teeth popped through! I really think that's why your nights had been interrupted, plus you have had a pretty stuffy nose. I'm VERY thankful you seem to be sleeping through the night again! I have been one exhausted mama this past month.
-You also started eating rice cereal this month, just once a day, but you LOVE it and cannot get it in your mouth fast enough. We are hoping this helps you keep some of your milk down, because you still spit up SO MUCH of every meal.
-This past month was pretty busy. You and I flew to Chicago to visit friends and family. You did pretty well on the flights, thankfully and enjoyed seeing nana and pappy but were pretty fussy the whole week we were there. 
You got to meet your great grandma Hrivnak who is 93 yrs old! She loved seeing you and thought you were the best baby (because she can't hear very well anymore and never heard you crying which was lots of the time!)

We got to see some of my high schoold besties and their cute little kiddos- this is Sloane who is a few weeks older than you and would be your best friend if we lived near each other!
On this 6 day trip you would NOT sleep through the night, I mean, up every hour! I was a zombie! Thankfully you did much better once we got home, but it made me really nervous for our trip to Fayetteville which was last weekend.

-Our trip to NWA as a family was GREAT! I guess besides going to Nashville when you were a month old, this was our first family getaway. We drove 7 hours to Fayetteville for the wedding of one of my K-life girls who I've known for 8 years! We stayed with dear friends, the Watkins, and and got to visit lots of favorite people.
Sarah's little girl, Haddie Mae was due the same exact day as you were!
Cari was my co-leader in K-life, and she just got engaged herself! Yay for weddings!
You went to your first wedding-Kaylie and Carter Winn. It was a beautiful wedding and so cool that I have been able to watch Kaylie basically grow up and then marry this godly man who is CRAZY about her. To see God's faithfulness in both their lives was beautiful, and I hope and pray I get to watch you marry an amazing godly man someday as well! I'm thankful your daddy is the best example!

Your Schedule:
You are up around 7am, usually because I wake you. (Sometimes you wake up before this and I'll give you your paci and you will fall back sleep). I feed you around 7 and then we go get your sister up. She has school 2-3 days a week from 8-12, so we hurry to get ready and out the door and then you and I will go to the gym or go meet up with a friend or run errands. You are very ready for a nap by 9 or 9:30 but don't always get one depending on what we are doing. Sometimes we will stay out until we pick up KJ at noon. Your only guaranteed nap is when your sister goes down around 12:30 and you usually sleep for at least 2 hours. (It has been amazing having a quiet house for a couple hours when you and your sis are both sleeping at the same time!) You rarely get an afternoon nap in but are so ready for bed by 6:30 or 7pm. 
-You eat 5 times a day for 5ish minutes. No clue how many ounces you get. 
-You fall asleep swaddled and with your paci in, sleeping on your side but eventually rolling onto your stomach. 
It has been a good month with you, little buddy! We love you so much!
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