Wednesday, October 22, 2014

BG is 6 months

 We made it 6 months! (and these monthly stickers are dumb. You can barely see the number!)
You are 26inches long just like your sis was at 6 months (see her blog post to compare), which is about 70th percentile. But you only weigh 12.4 lbs which is about what you weighed 4 months ago. You fell into the 3rd percentile. What is happening?! I was freaking out when I saw the scale. I knew you were skinny but didn't realize you had LOST weight since your 4 month appointment and I feel awful. The doctor said to start food 3x a day and come back in a couple weeks to see if you've gained any weight.

You wear size 2 diapers (that are huge on you) and 6 month clothes. You still barely have any hair except for the thick mullet on the very bottom of your head :).
You don't really have a daily schedule and this is bad news for all of us. I feel like I was so great about Kennedy's schedule but you, my poor daughter, are along for the ride. You are pretty consistent in falling asleep around 6:30/7pm and you (finally) go to bed pretty easily. You are up between 5-6am these days. And when I say you are up, I mean you are wide awake and will not go back to sleep even after feeding you. Girl, this has got to change. I am definitely not ready to start my day as a mama at 5am. Especially because you will fight naps the entire day. If we are out and about, you are always alert and curious to what's around you, so you never sleep. But even if I stay home all day and try to get you to nap, you fight it. Sometimes (after repeated attempts to put you down) you will eventually fall asleep mid afternoon for an hour or sometimes two, right when your sis is getting up from her nap. ONCE you took a 4 hour nap and I kept checking to make sure you were breathing. You take cat naps on our car rides and I'm thankful you actually like your car seat, unlike you sister, but I do think those mini 10 minute naps are messing up your big naps.
 I feel awful that we don't have you on a consistent schedule.  I cannot figure you out, nor can I stay home all day and try to. I hate it, and feel like such a bad mama sometimes when I compare what I was able to do when Kennedy your age, when I just had one kid to focus on.  I hate that I can't stay home with you like I could your sister and plan our day around the 3 naps you should be taking but we would all go crazy if we stayed home all day.
You often seem overtired. You are in the BEST mood when you have just woken up or have been fed but it doesn't last very long.  It's awesome when we are out running errands or at the park with friends because you are pretty happy, but when we are home you are often crabby.
-You still haven't figured out crawling, though you are often up on all fours, but sure can get where you want to go by rolling or inching along. You are always reaching for things and love to explore your sister's toys.
-You don't like to work on sitting, because you want to be moving, so this is still a work in progress. You sit in your bumbo when we feed but not on your own yet without face planting.
-You usually eat food 3x a day now that we are trying to bulk you up. You eat rice or oatmeal cereal, avocado and sweet potato. And girl, you love you some food!
We had a fall break this past month and daddy had 3 days off work, but we stayed home and attempted potty training your sister. We did go pumpkin picking and to the zoo, and are SO thankful the weather is cooling off and we can enjoy just being outside every day!
This weekend we are heading to a camp in MS because daddy is speaking at a Jr. High retreat. It will be a very interesting weekend to see how you and KJ do sleeping together in a cabin and how you do away from home for 3 days. I think back to our trip to Chicago and it still haunts me and makes me afraid to take you anywhere else because of how horribly you slept. Now you will have your 2 year old sister in your room so if you are up, it will be even more fun! But hey, it's all about the memories right?

Brooklyn, although these 6 months with you have not been easy (I think you had acid reflux along with colic which made you pretty grumpy), your smile is still the best thing in the world and we will put up with anything to see that beautiful smile. We can't imagine our life without you! I love being your mama and thank God for the beautiful family he has given me!
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