Tuesday, November 18, 2014

B is 7 months old!

At 7 months old, you are totally a different baby. The first 6 months were really hard. You were not very happy and not sleeping great. I was exhausted, short on patience and felt like I was failing you with not getting you to nap. This past month has been SO MUCH BETTER.
 We have seen LOTS more smiles, and when I say smiles, I mean SMILES! They are contagious!
  • You gained a whole pound this past month, now weighing 13.4lbs. You are still tiny, but I'm thankful you are gaining, and I think all the extra food we feed you has made you so much happier! 
  • You are still rocking a slight mullet; not much hair growing on top of that blond head but a nice fuzzy patch in the back.
  • You are SO smiley. Whenever anyone looks at you or talks to you, you bust out that smile and it is to die for! It's an open mouth, light up your whole face, contagious, beautiful smile that I am absolutely in love with! You laugh a lot more, if we look at you and smile or laugh, tickle you, make goofy faces or noises, you giggle and giggle.
  • Your smokey raspy growl is still going strong, but now you have started babbling... "mamamama" and "bababa". 
  • You reach and grab for everything, scoot/army crawl to get where you want to go, and rock on your knees, trying so hard to crawl (but still face planting).
  • You can sit perfectly now, although you never want to just sit.
  • You can go from a laying position to sitting and then put one foot down like you are about to stand straight up! If I'm on the ground next to you, you WILL try to pull up on me and stand.
  • You love to walk around the house with us holding onto your hands.
  • You are captivated by TV. It's the only time you sit still in our laps. Otherwise when we hold you you are trying to stand up, climb up us, or reach for whatever is nearby.
  • You can blow out air. Weird, I know, but you do this all the time and it makes sister jealous because she still doesn't know how to blow, she spits instead (which makes blowing bubbles and playing her kazoo sadly impossible).
  • You still eat homemade green beans, sweet potatoes or avocado every day. You've tried occasional pouches of various veggies and a couple cans of baby food with some sort of chicken mush in there but for the most part we keep it simple. And you love love love to eat, always fussing when we are all done.
Your sister has been enjoying you so much more now too, wanting to come with me to get you up every morning, getting in your crib to cuddle you and hug you. She will get you toys to play with or your paci if you are getting fussy and says, "It's otay sister, it's otay. Be happy." She'll smother you in a hug and kiss and say, "I tiss her mommy, I tiss her!" (She also pretends to be a baby a lot, using your paci and asking me to burp her). She sure does love being your sister! When we meet new people she points to you and says, "That's MY sister! Bookie. She's my sister".

Schedule (We FINALLY have one...well sort of!)
  • You are ready for bed anytime between 6 and 7pm. You take a bath, get swaddled and snuggled, then I nurse you and put you down slightly awake. You sleep on your side with your paci and lovey between your arms.
  • You sometimes wake up once around 1 or 2am and I make daddy go in and try to put you back to sleep, but occasionally I'll have to feed you.
  • You are up again between 4:30-5am and you want to eat. I'll feed you and then you'll sleep til 7:30. 
  It's so crazy for me that you are still getting up in the night because your sis slept straight through from 6 weeks on...I'm very ready for you to sleep through the night til at least 6am please! Right now, when I feed you at 5am and try to go back to sleep, your dad is up and getting ready for work and leaves around 6, and as I finally start falling back to sleep around 6:15, your sister is stirring. So I am pretty much really tired all the time.
  • If we stay home in the morning, you will take a 1-2 hour nap between 8:30-9:30am. If we miss this nap, the rest of the day is pretty rough.
  • Your next nap is either when sister goes down around 12:30.
  •  Then there's a 25% chance of you taking a 30 minute nap around 4:30 or 5pm. You want to but it's tough to get you down. sometimes fight sleep but are MUCH better than you have been. You don't resist naps very often and I'm SO thankful the 'crying it out' stage seems to be over (for now).
  • Sundays are rough for us because you will NOT nap at church and we are there for 3 hours. I feel bad for the nursery workers when you are so fussy the second hour, so I try to get you after Sunday school, help you fall asleep in the stroller, and bring you into church with me but that only lasts 30 minutes max til someone coughs or startles you and you are awake and fussy. So I haven't figured out yet how to make Sunday mornings work for us. I remember this being a problem for Kennedy as well. Almost all babies need naps around 10am!
Life Lately
  • You dressed up for your first Halloween as Winnie the Pooh, only because we had a costume that someone had given us that was nice and warm. Halloween night was FREEZING and we only went to 6 houses, then went to a church fall festival. I made your dad dress up like Christopher Robin. KJ and I were Princess Peach and Mario.
It went from hot outside to COLD really fast this fall, so here you are all bundled up for a walk. I am too chicken to run outside in the cold right now, but I do hope to go running with you and KJ more often. You LOVE the stroller and if KJ is at school and I cannot get you to nap, I will go early to school and walk or run with you around the track so you will fall asleep.
 We just put up the Johnny Jump up thing and I'm thankful you like it and will play in it for a 30 minute interval. It's always great to have places to put you down where you can entertain yourself and I can get a few things done.

 You have gotten a few colds with all the sickness going around but nothing too awful yet, thankfully. Praying for health over you and continued wisdom in raising you! Life is SO CRAZY right now and I feel like I am barely hanging on, yet I'm trying to stop and soak in these precious times with you because they really do fly by. I love you SOOOOOO much, Brooklyn! It is awesome seeing your personality come alive and getting to know you better each month. Looking forward to the holidays with you this year (and thankful we don't have to travel anywhere) and time with Nana and Pappy over Thanksgiving.  SO thankful to be your mama, sweet thing!
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