Thursday, December 18, 2014

Brooklyn at 8 months

I cannot believe you are already 8 months old. It has been a GREAT month and has gone by so fast!

  •   You are still wearing 6 month clothes that are big/baggy on you but getting too short. I am about to switch them all out for 9 month clothes. But you did gain a pound this past month and now weigh 14.4lbs. 
  • You wear size 2 diapers and size 1 shoes.
  • You still just have the 2 bottom teeth (which came in at 4 months) but your top two may be coming in shortly because you are chewing on things a little more aggressively lately.
  • You have mastered crawling this month and also pulling up to a stand. You try to cruise around on furniture but that sometimes ends badly. You have had lots of spills and bumps this past month trying to keep up with your big sister. When you pull up to a stand, you don't know how to gracefully get back down. You also try to crawl in spaces too small or low and bonk your head on corners and edges, poor baby. You sure are on the move, JUST like your sister was at this age!
  • Now you are into everything and I can't turn my back on you! You especially love going through the tupperware cabinet and like to play with anything that isn't a toy.
  • If anyone is laying or sitting on the floor, get SO excited. You will stop whatever you are doing, crawl over to them and start climbing on them. (This makes it difficult whenever I try to exercise, do yoga/pilates, sit-ups or stretching because you will literally be on top of me).
  • You still nurse 5x/ day and eat food 3x/ day, but we have increased the amount. You still never want to stop even after you have eaten an enormous amount. I don't know how else to plump you up! You must just have a fast metabolism like your dad.
  • We have started putting you in your sister's high chair instead of the bumbo and you love seeing what we are doing and being included in our family meal times. Otherwise you are crawling under the table at our feet pulling up on the chairs trying to join us while we eat!
  • You still go to bed between 6:30-7pm, and are waking up to eat around 5am,  back to sleep til about 7:15. I don't think you have ever slept 12 hours or all the way to 7am. (When that day comes, I will be having a party! Your sis spoiled me with her consistent 12 hours shifts.) 
  • You still prefer to take 2 naps, 9:30 and 1ish but if I miss your morning nap you are awake the rest of the day and grumpy!
Life Lately

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with nana and pappy here. You and your sister got spoiled with so much attention, hugs, kisses, and new toys and books to read (Thank you mom for some new books! ALLLLL KJ wants to do all day is READ!) Here is you at the library exploring the book shelf while I was reading books to your sis.

You are one lucky little girl, Brooklyn, because all of my friends just had or are having baby girls this past year and you are going to have so many awesome girl friends! (Your sis has zero girlfriends! All her friends are boys!) Here are just a few of the babies that come to our life group every week (and there are at least 3 more not pictured!)

We are enjoying celebrating advent this month as we await our big birthday bash for Jesus in a few more days. You will get lots of love at our Christmas celebration this Saturday with your dad's side of the family and we will be starting some new family traditions with just us four on Christmas day now that your sis is old enough to understand it (She already asked us if Santa is real! Sheesh!).

We are SO thankful for each month with you Brooklyn.

Your dad and I continue to pray over you that you will know Jesus is real, that he came from heaven to earth as a babe, died on a cross for your sins and mine, and rose again 3 days later, that He lives in heaven and will also raise us from the dead to live eternally! Your sister now knows John 3:16 and it is so sweet to hear her say it. We pray that both of you girls will know Jesus is all you need! We LOVE this song by Shane and Shane and pray it over both you and Kennedy.
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