Sunday, January 18, 2015

KJ...2 1/2 going on 16!

You are 2.5 years old!!! 

This is SUCH A FUN AGE! You are totally your own person with your own opinions, thoughts and ideas (one particular recurring idea really...see below) and it is just hilarious and amazing to see what each day with you will bring. This season of 'two-ness' definitely has its challenges and we are doing our best to parent well in these precious years.
I'll recap some favorite things about you over the past couple months.

(I wrote these down when you were 27 months and have been adding on)
-Playing pretend....every day we go to the pretend park with your best friends, the pretend zoo, or a pretend party somewhere in the house or front yard. If you want a jacket or snack and I don't have it on me, you just use your pretend jacket or pretend food, so that's very helpful. You will pretend to be a baby and ask us to feed you 'pretend "abocados" or you will tuck us in, sing to us and pray for us as we take a pretend nap.
-You watched Frozen for the first time over our potty training weekend and now, even more than before,  you will say, "I a princess!" and twirl around with your crown and jewels and high heels. - -You still love to read books more than anything else and it's amazing how we will read it to you once and you will basically repeat what we said when you are reading it to yourself outloud. You use great expressive language and voice tone when you are reading out loud, it's awesome.
TV shows 
Dora, curious George, Barney 
Angelina Ballerina, Berenstain Bears, Clifford, Curious George, Arthur, Amelia Bedelia
- Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old 'Mcdondald', Twinkle twinkle, Jesus Loves me, Bless the Lord O my Soul, How great is our God, and Let it Go ; )
 -Crackers and cheese, noodles, goldfish, animal crackers, biscuits (any and all bread/crackers) and applesauce pouches, raisins/dried fruit and nuts, bagels. That's about all you will eat these days! You only want snacks, no meals. And you get 'treats' whenever you use the potty (usually skittles), and treats after dinner if you ate your food (usually 2 scooby snacks or chocolate chips). 
-You have 'school' Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8-12pm, the gym every other morning, MOPS every other Thursday, and church Sundays. Other than that, our weekly trips include the grocery store, park, and library.
 I love that you still mispronounce words and say things in the wrong order. I'm writing these things down now because the next time I blog you will be saying everything normally which makes me so sad! You are a big talker and I love thinking back to when it really started around 22 months and am just amazed how all this vocabulary just appears within like 5 months time!
-If you don't want to do something, you say, "No I like that." It can be VERY confusing because I don't know if you DO want something or don't want it. We have many roundabout conversations that go something like this.
Me-"KJ, do you want some pears?"
KJ-"No I want pears."
Me-"You DO want pears?"
KJ-"No I want pears. I want them. no. I want them." (Repeat x3) Whaaaaa?
-You still pronounce Dora "Dough-da", Yellow "Lellow", library "liblowly" and glasses "gassles"
-You call your sister "Bookie Book"but can also say Brooklyn now.
-"Snuggle me, mommy! Snuggle me!" (best. thing. ever.)
-When you are upset about anything, sad or not getting your way, you say, "I not feeling good mama!" I love that you communicate this, although it doesn't really mean you are feeling sick.
-"You look bootiful, mama!" (heart melting). "I a bootiful bride"
-"I scared of thunder. I a yittle scared. It's too noisy"
-And my favorite: "Mom you need some alone time with the Lord" haha YES I DO, baby girl!

-You are still pretty whiney if you don't get what you want right away (is there such a thing as a patient 2 year old?). You do have the occasional tantrum which includes melting into a puddle on the floor. It happens when you don't want to take a bath or go outside or eat lunch, etc. Thankfully it hasn't happened in public yet. You usually do SO well around others, but I am the one who gets the worst of your attitude and fussiness.

-Your are up around 6:30-7am. You used to stay in bed til 7:15 after I nursed Brooklyn and would come get you. Two things have changed this. One, potty training means when I see you awake on the monitor, I feel the need to immediately run up there and put you on the potty before you pee in your bed (which you RARELY do, you have been dry through the night since you turned 2!).  And two, you now will get yourself out of bed and try to come downstairs, which also makes me jump up and try to intercept you before you fall going down the dark staircase.
-You are very whiny and needy most mornings. You drink your milk and want me to hold you and read books, which is hard because 1. I NEED/want to drink my coffee and read my Bible when I wake up and 2. Brooklyn is also needy for mom's attention when she first wakes up so I can't just focus on you. You don't really want breakfast for awhile or at all. I can rarely get you to eat what I make for you unless it's bread-related.
-We don't stay home for long in the morning because of the previous point, (needy and whiny and won't play on your own). So we go to the gym around 8:15 or to school at 7:45.
-On school days I pick you up at noon. 
-12:00 is lunch then nap until about 2pm. Your afternoon naps have been getting shorter and shorter. You used to love going down for a nap but suddenly are resisting them and it makes for a VERY long day when you refuse to nap.
-3pm-5pm we play at home or outside, go to the library or park or run an errand. It is hard for me to be at home all afternoon (we are all staring out the window for dad to come home by 5:00!). 
-6pm is dinner, family devotions, bathtime and bed by 7pm. 

28 months
-'I be alone mom.' Or 'I not leave you alone, I stay wif you.'
-My favorite thing- "Let's talk, mom."
-I picked you up from school one day and said 'How was your day, KJ?" You said, "Later mom; let's talk about it later. I don't want to talk about it now." (great, I already have a teenager!)
-We were out running errands and then picked up dinner to eat at home and you were SO fussy all the way home. We got out of the car and you said. "I want to go straight to bed. I'm tired mom." and you did! No dinner, PJs or teeth brushing just straight to bed! (Very rare incident, you've done this for a nap a couple times too.)
-You figured out how to open doors and the tops of household items such as lotion and nail opened up some coral pink nail polish in the bathroom and it went all over the carpet   
-You still talk about 'Coca'. We still don't know who that is,  but you have known 'Coca' for quite a few months now and often want to pray for him/her/it at nighttime.
-Your standard prayer, "Lord thank you for this day (or this food), amen."

29-30 months
-You are 30lbs, wear size 2T (some 3T) and size 6 shoes 
-You are potty trained!!!! Hallelujah!! (Took another couple weeks for #2 to happen on the potty but we made it!)
-You asked me if Santa was real. Was NOT prepared to talk about it with you yet so I told you the story about St. Nicholas giving away all he owned to help others and that's what Santa represents. I never really answered the question.
-You randomly started saying, "I have an idea mom." What's that, KJ? "Cars are free."  Oh, hmm, yeah that's a great idea! This is like a frequent thing that you say that makes no sense.
-Every morning you say, "I need my mitamins, mom!" =vitamins
-You cry sometimes when I wear a ponytail. I mean, melt down. "No ponatail mommy! No ponatail!" 
-You grab our noses and say, put it in your pocket and say, "I save it for tomado" (tomorrow)
-You put lotion on your hands allllll the time. I have some beside my bed and you sneak back there over 10 times a day to get some 
-You always wear shoes. In the house. All the time. You love your shoes. Mostly your 'fancy' church shoes because you ALWAYS WANT TO DRESS UP and be a princess! Where did you become such a diva? You accessorize every day, you always want your nails painted. You ask me to put make-up on you or do your hair in a 'fancy braid like Elsa!'.  You want to wear a dress every single day. (Are you really my child!?"
-You have been to a few weddings in your 2 years of life and this past weekend could not wait to dress up 'like a bride' for it. You picked out your fancy purple (play) dress and jewelry and wanted too wear it every day the week before. Unfortunately we lost your clip on earrings before the big day and 'lost' the tiara as well but you still looked pretty fab : )
-You are a very silly, fun playful little girl, KJ (and always have been! Since you were a baby you would make such goofy faces!). You continue to make us laugh and you love anyone who will play with you and make you laugh as well. Your middle name is so perfect for you, Kennedy Joy!.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

9 months old

Brooklyn, you are 9 months old!
Is this a joke? How has it been 9 months? That sounds so old! You are almost ONE.  I am going to be saying this your whole life, but STOP GROWING UP! 
-You are 27in long and weigh 14.15lbs, still <3 % on the charts but at least you are growing and the doc doesn't seem worried. You love to eat! You wear size 2 diapers and 9 month clothes. 
-This month you have been cruising all over the place, you pull up on everything and have become much more curious and independent. 

-You started finger foods! You could eat all day long. You got your two top teeth over the past 2 weeks (and 2 more top ones are poking through). You are about to look a lot different with all those teeth!
-You busted your lip pretty badly climbing into the bathroom cabinet, poor sweetie
-You started making a scrunchy nose face back at us when we do it to you 
 -You started baths with sister, not in your plastic tub anymore. 
-You are definitely advancing quickly with motor skills to keep up with sister (but I think you will talk later than her which they say is typical for #2.). You love her art easel, trying to take out the crayons and markers. You love whatever it is she is playing with. Your baby toys are not nearly as fun. 
-You get much more sister attention these days, for better or worse : )
-You have avoided the flu thus far but got a bad cold and ear infection yesterday. You cannot breath out of your nose so it's hard for you to nurse or suck your paci which makes for a very sad baby!

-You still go to bed at 7pm and are up at 5am, nurse and sleep til 7am. You nap 9:30ish and 1ish. (Some days just one nap)
-You started getting very upset when mom or dad leave you with someone else. You cry when we leave you and again when we come get you (and you remember that we left you). 
-I don't read books to you yet (your sister takes up all my book reading capacity) but you love to eat them. 
-You enjoyed your first Christmas, got some fun rolling, noise-making, learning toys and enjoyed the boxes and wrapping paper
-You did great on our 6 hour road trip to Fayetteville for a wedding & track meet and I'm so thankful you have always done well in your car seat!

You are just the sweetest, most smiley little peanut and I am so in love with you, Brookie! So glad you are a part of our family and thankful for another month with you!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sorry, but I cannot come down right now!

I have taken a long break from writing about the things I am learning lately, which I really hate. It is something I love to do, but is also a lot easier when I feel like God is teaching me all of these amazing things I just have to share them. This current season of life has felt a little dry spiritually as my days are filled with what feels like very small routine things that no one wants to hear about. I can sometimes get stuck in a rut. I remember feeling this way with KJ when she was the age Brooklyn is now, when she needed her morning and afternoon nap and I couldn't even get out of the house to meet with people, go to morning Bible study, do much of anything. It's isolating and discouraging and I can get in a slump. With a toddler added to that, anything I try to accomplish at home is completely impossible and at the end of each day I'm totally exhausted with nothing to show for it. Thus ignorant people asking, "What do you do all day?" and me being left with no good response. Sometimes in my flesh I feel the answer is, "Nothing significant!" Yet the reality is, this is the furthest thing from the truth.
My husband comes home from a full day of meeting with people, discipleship, spiritual discussion, good conversation with co-workers and stories of how God is working in his students and I'm like, "I changed 16 diapers." I barely get time to sit down and eat a meal let alone spend great time with God like I once could, get deep into scripture and then write about it! I hate feeling like I can't meet with other people often or pour into and serve others like I want to. It is easy to compare my sometimes mundane life with those super moms who are making their kids clothes, cooking everything from scratch, writing books, leading Bible studies, running an etsy shop and homeschooling their kids. Gosh. It definitely feels like sometimes I'm barely making it.
But as we started a new year and my husband and I sat down to discuss goals, hopes and prayers for 2015, we talked about what we are learning from Nehemiah. Let me recap the story so you can track with me here.

Nehemiah was taken to Babylon when Israel was exiled there and years later he was in mourning over his city, Jerusalem, which had been destroyed. The walls were broken down and the gates had been burned. God put it on his heart to go back and rebuild the walls of his city, so he boldly asked King Artaxerxes for permission. God gave him favor in the eyes of the king and he was allowed to return. When he got there, many people tried to discourage him from the task he felt led to do. They mocked him, ridiculed him and plotted to harm him. Nehemiah replied to them, "I am carrying on a great project and cannot come down." Over and over they tried to get him to stop building by lies, schemes, and intimidation, but he gave them the same answer. "I am carrying on a great project and cannot come down." He prayed to God for strength and after 52 days the whole wall of the city was completed and everyone knew it was only done with the help of God.

So Kent and I discussed together what our great projects were this year, what things we felt God had put in our hearts to be all about, what things were most important to Him and how we would not get distracted, intimidated, or discouraged in those areas but persevere in them faithfully with God's help. "I am carrying on a great project and cannot come down."

For me, (and I have a few others but) my number one priority is to raise these kids that God has blessed me with. I've heard that ages 0-5 are the most formative in a child's character development! Yikes! That is not a lot of time to make sure I am getting things right in the areas of discipline, instruction, and example. And also building a strong relationship with them! (True confessions: Some days I realize I haven't actually spent time enjoying them; playing with them, talking to them, reading books with them, laughing with them! I'm too busy changing diapers, preparing meals, snacks, nursing, potty training, cleaning up messes, trying to shower or prep dinner... I know it sounds crazy, I'm a stay at home mom, but honestly some days I get busy with doing things and don't just stop and enjoy them and let them FEEL enjoyed by me!)

I felt strongly led by God to stay home with them during these years, something that some days I really question and get frustrated about (but most days am very grateful). So that being said, I have to be okay with sacrificing other things for this one thing, this 'great project' in front of me. I cannot come down right now, I am busy raising these kids! I cannot go out like I used to, I can't make plans with other people like I used to. I can't be involved in church things like I wish I could. I can't have my own time like I once could. I can't SLEEP like I wish I could : ). I don't always feel accomplished in that I'm not making money for our family, and some days I can't get the satisfaction of finishing a load of laundry or finishing a stinkin' blog post. But I can't let myself get frustrated about that. These sweet babies are my one thing! I need to surrender MY desires and plans and wishes and be faithful in this great task God has given me! So here's to 2015, to our one great thing God has put in our hearts to be faithful with! Here's to contentment with where God has us and leaning into his strength!

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