Tuesday, February 17, 2015

B is 10 months

How is it time to start planning your 1st birthday already!? I literally was JUST writing your 9 month post, I blinked and another month went by. 10. months. old.
At 10 months you:
-weigh 15 lbs, wear mostly 9 month clothes and size 2 diapers (You are still tiny but have filled out a lot over this past month and I'm so thankful!)
-have 6 teeth, 4 on top, 2 on bottom, and your grin is lookin pretty goofy!
-usually take one 2-2.5 hour nap around 10am. As much as you (and I) need nap #2 around 2:30, it is so hard to get you to sleep again so you are just pretty fussy from 4pm til bedtime.
-sleep 7pm-5am, are up to nurse and then get up for real between 6:30-7am. (The last two nights though you slept in until almost 7am with NO 5am feeding and I was a NEW WOMAN! So I'm hoping that's a new trend! This has not happened in like, 10 months ; )
-love to cruise around on furniture and climb up the stairs (but haven't figured out how to go down)

-eat food 3-4 times a day and nurse 4x a day. You LOVE FOOD and never want to stop eating. You eat more than I do sometimes and still want more! You will eat practically anything. We do lots of oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce, puréed veggies and sweet potatoes and then all sorts of finger foods (whatever we are eating).
-say 'da da' all the time. You LOVE your daddy, but I think it's just your way to babble as well. We asked you if you were "all done" eating once and you said "all duh". You were on a good 'mama' stint awhile back but have forgotten it now. 
-can sign for 'more' and 'up' to be picked up.

-learned how to turn on the bath water and are so proud of yourself for turning the knob. This happens whenever I'm in the shower. 
-will stand up for a few seconds on your own without holding anything
-are interacting a lot more with your sister now. You watch her every move and want to do whatever she is doing. She is loving it too now and starting to play with you a little bit, although still gets jealous when I give you attention and not her (was hoping this would be better by 10 months!)

I would say this has been a hard month for you, basically being sick for over 3 weeks, starting with an ear infection/ never-ending cold and then adding to that a cough. So I feel like you haven't been your sweet self. Lots of fussiness and needing to be held. A few nights of horrible sleep and fighting naps too. But the past few days we seem to be back to normal and I am very thankful.

You continue to love observing and watching people. You get bashful and shy when people look you in the eyes but you are all smiles and feel so special when the attention is (finally) on you! You are not content to just sit by yourself and play but want to be wherever I am (or your sister or dad). So basically all the baby toys we have are worthless. Your personality is a crazy mix of super sweet, smiley, and cuddly to then being super intense, loud, and demanding. But I love seeing what makes you you and learning what you are like! You add so much to our family and just love you to pieces!

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