Wednesday, March 18, 2015

11 months old

 At 11 months, you are the most fun you have ever been!

-I have no clue how much you weigh, but you have definitely filled out over the last 2 months! You
still love to eat more than anything. Haven't found many foods you won't eat! You eat oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast, yogurt and applesauce for lunch, a banana for a snack and veggies/sweet potatoes for dinner along with whatever we are eating.
-You wear size 2 diapers, size 2 shoes, and 9 or 12 month clothes. We moved you up to a convertible car seat this month and you LOVE IT!
-You have four BIG teeth on top and two on the bottom. 
-You have been napping great lately, 9:00 and1:00 (if your morning nap is 3 hours, then your afternoon nap may not happen). You did sleep til almost 7am a few times this month instead of waking me at 5ish to eat-it was LIFE CHANGING!

-You are so active, into everything, making messes wherever you go.
-You only play on your own for a few minutes and then crawl over to where I am and want me to hold you or play with you. Sometimes your sister will entertain you for a bit! But when you are awake, I can rarely get anything done. You just love interacting with people!
-You learned how to 'walk' on your own, with a walker, like an old lady : ). You are so proud of yourself and cannot WAIT to be able to walk on your own.You LOVE holding onto our fingers and walking around the house. You are a quick mover!

-You are experiencing the outdoors for the first time since it's finally warm out, and you love it! We will be doing lots of parks this spring and you will get to swing and slide. It will be even more fun when you can run around!
-You've also enjoyed some pool time during your sister's swim lessons this month!
-You say mama, dada, daddy, and yeah. "Do you want more food Brooklyn?" "Yeah".  Every. Time. 
: ) You also do a fake laugh, and we do this back and forth over and over again.
-You pick up my phone and hold it to your ear and pretend to have a conversation. SO. FUNNY.
-You learned how to wave! We are working on blowing kisses.

You are so much fun, Brookie! We all adore you and eat up that smile! I will do my best to keep your sister from squishing you (aka hugging you), putting stickers all over your head, and trying to put diaper cream on your face but I can't promise anything. You are strong, funny, sweet, and adventurous. We love getting to know you more and are SO thankful you are a part of our family!

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