Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Happy birthday Brookie!
I can't think about it too long or I'll get really emotional; I don't have a baby anymore! I hate how fast time goes! Weren't you just this little?

Now I get this face looking at me all day!

You wear 12 month clothes, weigh 19 lbs (18th percentile!), and are 28.5 inches long. 
You have 4 top teeth and 3 bottom, the 4th is just popping up. 
You love to climb! I turn my back for one minute and you are halfway up the stairs. You'll climb onto the couch if KJ leaves her stool nearby and you LOVE climbing from the trundle to her twin bed. 
You will take a couple steps now on your own but prefer cruising or holding our fingers. You are so close to being off and running!

You say "mama", "yeah", "hi", "dada". Tonight you said "hey dada"perfectly clear! You will try and repeat words I say but it usually sounds nothing like the word. You wave bubbye. 
You stopped signing. When I say, "do you want more?" You say "yeah."  But you basically say "yeah" to every question I ask you. "Do you love your mama?" "yeah". "Do you want to snuggle?" "Yeah." "Do you want to go to bed?" "Yeah".  Most of the time you really do mean "yeah". But you have yet to say no. (I kind of like that and will hold onto it for as long as possible!)

You still love to eat! You will eat everything so far besides eggs. I hope this doesn't change (your sis is the pickiest eater!)! You make it so easy! You eat 3 meals a day plus a couple snacks and are nursing now just morning and night. (I'll be done nursing in a few weeks when dad and I leave on our vacation! So I'm enjoying these final feedings with you!). We did introduce you to whole milk and you like it ok, you aren't crazy about it. We have tried like 8 sippy cups and you finally started using a straw.

You wake up between 6-6:45. I'm so thankful you stopped waking up before 6! If it's close to 6am, I'll feed you and put you back down for another hour.  (Sometimes you don't fall back asleep but just play in your crib for 45 minutes. Fine with me!) You've been much more content playing in your crib! You like to take an early nap, maybe 9ish. And another nap around 12:30 or 1 (SOMETIMES it coordinates with your sisters!).  But lately you just play in your crib for over an hour before falling asleep or you just refuse to nap.

You love to play with phones. You use anything as a pretend phone and put it up to your ear.
Your 'play' is making a mess of everything. You just empty containers, drawers, shelves, baskets...if only you liked putting things back together as much! 
You are just starting to pay attention to baby dolls and will give them a hug or kiss. 
You love to dance, bobbing along whenever music is on, sort of head banging. 

When I come to get you in the morning or after a nap, you giggle and squirm and are so happy to see me. It. is. the. best. You are such a snuggler, you will lay your head on our chest and just soak up our hugs and kisses.
When I ask you for a kiss, you lean in. After I kiss you, you lean in again, over and over for more kisses. You are so sweet.
You love being thrown high up in the air and spun around, playing rough with daddy and wrestling with KJ on the bed. Even though you are the sweetest little girl, you are also intense! You can YELL and scream and be demanding when I'm not getting you what you want fast enough.  
You are a little shy, and don't give your smiles away to strangers very easily. When someone talks to you, you bury your face in my arm and then look back shyly.  But after you get to know people, you will be silly and smiley.

We had such a fun birthday party for you on Sunday with our friends and family and you for sure enjoyed the cake and your presents! You are very blessed to have lots of little girl buddies to do life with and we are so thankful for our sweet friends that love on you well.

What a blessed year! It is such a huge deal to get through this 1st year because the first year with a baby is always hard. The parents don't always know what they are doing, the baby's needs change so quickly when it comes to eating and sleeping, and just when we think we have figured it out, there are interruptions to their normal schedule like growth spurts and teething that throw everything off. It's just a lot of trying to figure you little people out. But as you approach one year, things seem to really get easier and we are thankful! We continually pray that you grow up to know and love the Lord your God and desire to live for his glory! We pray you will be full of the grace He lavishes on you and quickly pour out grace on others. We are so grateful to be your parents and can't imagine life without you!
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