Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sister love

It has definitely been awhile since I've taken the time to write. I feel like I have been in a weird fog the past couple months where any down time I get (when both girls are actually sleeping or preoccupied) I am trying to rest and recover to make it through the day. The days have been LOOONG this summer and yet I cannot believe it's August and time for another school year!

Kent has been renovating our master bathroom (he has never done anything like this before and is figuring it out as he goes. It looks AMAZING. I had no idea he could do something like this! I'll post pics in a couple weeks!), so whenever he is not training kids at school, he is working on that. I've been trying to keep the girls busy, but this Memphis heat just seems to suck the life out of me! We have been to the zoo a lot, hanging with friends, going to the pool at Lifetime or our backyard, or just running errands to get out of the house.

Brooklyn is now 15 mo and Kennedy just turned 3! And I am more tired now then I have ever been! (And no, I am not pregnant!)

So let's talk about having a 3 year old. WHAT just happened? At 2 years old, I still felt like I had 2 babies. KJ was still mispronouncing all kinds of words, asking to be held, needing mom for security in new situations and was pretty obedient, if not repentant after being naughty. She wanted to be held. She was a great sleeper, she didn't question my instructions, and she let me choose her clothes! Suddenly, my little drama queen is miss independent, using vocabulary I didn't know she had, questioning everything, understand way too much, pushing the limits and testing my patience at all times! Nothing is simple or easy. It's a production and a process. She asks 'why' 1,9856 times a day. She suddenly refuses to nap. She wants to stay up late (will NOT stay in bed) and then still gets up at 6:30 every morning. And for this really impatient, efficient, sleep loving mama who needs alone time to recharge, I have been tested every waking moment. Most days I completely fail at patiently correcting, encouraging, and showing her Christ.

And yet, my now-3-year old is also a real friend. She is so attentive to people's feelings and emotions. She is quick to say sorry and ask for forgiveness. She is quick to forgive me when I overreact. She wants to be a helper and wants to learn to do things for herself. She gives Brooklyn 'sister love', snuggling with her and making her laugh constantly.  She tries to share (almost) everything she has with someone else (unless it's her sister). She loves to pretend and use her imagination (we are in an obsessive princess stage and she won't stop talking about going to the Disney castle to see them even though I have never mentioned this actually happening. She daily asks "Should I wear this to the castle? Will Elsa like this sticker when I give it to her at the castle?  I will show Belle this picture I colored when we go to the castle. Will the beast be at the castle, because he's scary..."  This is sporadic conversation throughout every single day these days!). She makes up her own words for things, 'If you do that, I will CLOAK you!' ?? She loves to be silly and goofy, loves to dress up, and is becoming much more brave (she took swim lessons for a week this summer and is finally ok with going underwater!)  KJ remembers to pray for people she heard were sick or sad and asks how they are doing repeatedly. She compliments every person who walks in our door about...something. "I like your....socks. They are very white!".  She is a lover of people, and I LOVE this about her.
My 94 year old grandmother lives here in memphis now every other month staying with my parents! What a blessing!
Not only that, but she actually understands the gospel (as much as a 3 year old can!)- that Jesus is God's son sent to earth to save us; that he lived and died on the cross to take away our sins, paying the punishment we deserved; and that only those who confess their sins and trust in him can go heaven.
For the last few months there have been lots of questions about our sins, about getting to heaven, about who will be in heaven and what happens after we die. She was literally giddy when it clicked in her mind that our sins can be taken away if we ask Jesus, that He took our punishment and now God won't punish us for our sins. I mean, her excitement about that was SO precious, I will NEVER forget it. "He took away my sins!?? So I can go to heaven?!"  I know she could care less about God, reading the Bible and praying at times. Our nightly family devotions have been a flop this summer and I have failed at being consistent with our nightly routine. But seeds are being planted and I pray that she will grow up experiencing the realness of God for herself, and knowing the JOY of her salvation!

Kennedy wanted a mermaid party this year, so we did an 'under the sea' theme and had a Saturday mid-morning party at our house with little swimming pools, slides, sprinklers, and bubbles out in our backyard. She had a blast of course with all her friends at our house and it was really a fun party.

She will start up school again August 18th in a pre-K class at BCS 3 days a week. I think she will absolutely love the social aspect and am so thankful for a great place for her to go to learn new things and interact with others! SO thankful.

And then there is my little 15 month old, who has definitely chunked up and grown up since her birthday a few months ago. Brooklyn is learning new words almost daily and we are starting to understand much more of her once-foreign language. She says, "hiiiiii!" "want food", "I hungry""I seeeee" (I want to see), "shooooes", sock, cheese, mama, da da, play, sleep, puppy, sissy, hi, bubbye, night night, excuse me, thank you, and up. She repeats words she hears KJ say and they will talk back and forth in their car seats when we are driving around. She still won't sit through reading a book with me but wants to join KJ and I whenever we are reading. She loves my phone and pretending to talk to people. Whenever I am on it, she tries to grab it and says, "I seeeeee". She loves her dolls, changing their diapers, laying them down to sleep and pushing them in the stroller. She loves to accessorize with her necklaces, hats, and purses. She tries to put on her own shoes or socks and brush her teeth. She loves to sit in her own little chair or climb on things. She is most excited when we go in to get her in the morning and then again when she greets her sister. She gives sweet kisses to her family and high fives to our friends.

Her personality is still a little shy and observant when we are in a new place or around new people. She will cling to mommy for the first 10 minutes, then start to explore and interact with others. (She is okay when I drop her at the gym nursery, especially when sister is with her, but sometimes gets really upset when I drop her at the church nursery.)  If she doesn't know you, she seems grumpy and withdrawn. She has an awesome stink face.

Once she is used to you, she loves to play with you and is very smiley. She loves music and is always bobbing along to whatever song she hears. She loves to sing the alphabet song and Jesus loves me. She loves to eat and the only time she will get really upset with me is if I take her food away or tell her she can't eat something. She eats almost everything but meat and certain vegetables and loves to experiment with a spoon, trying to feed herself. (Kent cannot handle watching her get super messy, he has to walk away haha!). She grabs her changing mat and a clean diaper when she has pooped and brings it to me to change her!

She takes 2 great naps a day, around 9am and 12:30/1pm and is ready for bed by 7pm every night. She still sleeps with a paci and sound machine and goes RIGHT down for naps and bed. (Thankful I have ONE great sleeper right now!) I'm thinking we will try making it one nap next month when KJ starts school, but I hate to cut short a good thing. She does have some stubbornness to her and I have already had to spank her for disobeying and be the referee between her and Kennedy over toys. But she is such a sweet heart, she's my little snuggler and is such an easy baby (now that we are past the year mark!).

Kent and I love our sweet girls and are so so thankful to be their parents. It is so fun to see these two sisters grow up and become friends!

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