Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Holidays & life happenings

Much needed/overdue family update:

Brooklyn is 1.5 years old! She is silly, loving, snuggly, wiggly, stubborn, and ambitious. She is shy whenever she enters a new place or meets new people but warms up after a bit.
She LOVES her sister, and they play so well together most of the time. She hugs KJ 1,500 times a day and when she wakes up from her nap around 12:30 she is so anxious to go pick up sister from school.

Kennedy climbs into her crib in the mornings and they snuggle and giggle. I am SO grateful to see their love for each other. Brooklyn is talking more and more. At times I hear her say a full sentence as clear as day, and other times I understand 1-2 words of her babbling, but really it gets better each day. it is so much fun to hear her thoughts and opinions. She understands WAY more than I give her credit for and I am amazed at her ability to follow directions. She has occasional meltdowns when I try to take away her paci, lovey, or her food. She hates when I try and wipe her face or her nose and is usually too squirmy to sit and read more than 2 pages of a book with me. Before nap time or bed time, though, she will sit and rock with me as I sing to her. I LOVE that time together.
She takes one 2-hour nap around 10:30/11 and sleeps 7pm-7am. She is obviously a great eater! We are planning to move her upstairs to share a room with her sister in a few months, considering we will be needing her crib for the baby come June! It's funny because we put KJ in her own room in a twin bed with a railing at 18 months.
Brooklyn is 19 months and I just can't imagine putting her in her own bed right now.  She is still my baby! But KJ is dying to share a room with her.

Speaking of KJ, she is 3.5 years old right now and still SUCH a sweetie. She never stops talking, always wants to be around people, and NEVER wants to sleep! She literally cries when we leave her room at night saying, "I'm LONELY! Please sleep in here with me." Such a drama queen.
I'm a little afraid that when I put Brooklyn in her room that she will just keep her awake at night or wake up early and just start talking. She HAS been having a hard time sleeping lately and it I have no idea what's going on. But she wakes up multiple times a night, and gets up every morning around 5:45 and starts playing in her room. She hasn't napped since turning 3 (maybe 4 times) and I don't know how she keeps going with that much energy.

 She loves going to school 3 days a week and is learning her letters and numbers. She loves to come home and 'play school'. She calls everyone her best friend after playing with them for like, 5 minutes, but I love that she loves so easily.
She adores her older girl cousins who she gets to see at holidays, and loved getting to spend fall break in Kansas with my sister's 3 boys, who are joined us for Thanksgiving. She was SO EXCITED that they were staying the night at our house!
 I love her enthusiasm for life. She is a very grateful kid, and makes it really fun to buy things for her or surprise her. I can't wait for Christmas with my two sweeties! I WILL say the past 2 months I have seen a side of her that has sent me over the edge. Flat out rude, sassy, and disobedient, which she really wasn't before. She drew on her bedroom wall yesterday, and on her new bed. She will tear out pages of books and make a complete mess when she should be going to bed. I have lost my temper more than ever and daily need God's help with patience and self control! I love my girls so much and want to be firm, calm and consistent In discipline yet full of grace!

Kent and I are doing well. I have been super sick the past 3 months and definitely did the bare minimum to survive. I think I'm on the upswing being through the first trimester, but we have also all had continual colds and sickness that have worn us out. Kent has been super busy with work and training sports teams, lots of meetings and church things. How he handles the stress of all the things on his plate is beyond me, but he does such a great job and it's neat to see how God is using all his gifts and passions. We just bought a mini-van to prepare for baby #3 and although I cringe looking at it and miss my beautiful black ford edge, it is a great car that we are so grateful to have for our growing family.
We are all looking forward to two weeks off work for Christmas break! (Best perk of teaching!) Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

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