Monday, July 25, 2016

Baby #3, the birth story of Savannah Faith

Of course this pregnancy seemed to go much quicker than the first 2. Life seems crazy with 2 busy toddlers.  I felt horrible first trimester, as usual, but even worse than I did with the other two. This alone is why I do NOT want to get pregnant again and go through those first 7 weeks of nausea and migraines. (But then I look at my sweet little preshy and think, "HOW can this be my last one?!" So who knows!). I did have a few good weeks during second trimester and into the spring. I felt SUPER tired 3rd trimester and was coaching track every day with long track meets in the hot sun, sometimes 3 days/week. But I kept active and was able to run & lift with my track girls & on my own up until she was born. My body was achy more and more as I got bigger. I gained about 20lbs, a bit more than my other 2 pregnancies and definitely felt that she was a bigger baby, although the doctor insisted she was only going to be 7.5lbs. Nope! 8.13lbs! (You always feel good when people ask "are you sure you aren't having twins?" #whatnottosaytoapregnantwoman
).  My sweet husband gave me foot rubs often and I didn't have as many calf cramps at night as in the past. Sleeping is always tough for me during pregnancy. And God sure makes you SO ready to deliver that baby. The discomfort supersedes the fears you may have of the actual delivery. 

I was naturally the least anxious going in to the delivery this time around. I was scheduled to be induced a few days before her due date and only felt minor contractions leading up to that day. My doctor said I was pretty effaced and about 1.5cm dilated the week leading up to this. I now know what they mean by experiencing "lightening". This was the first time I felt like she might fall out of me; the pressure was so great. But we woke up at 5:00am on Wednesday June 8th to head to Germantown Methodist hospital and meet our 3rd baby girl. They started Pitocin around 6:30am and the doctor came in at 9:00 to break my water. I knew better this time than to wait til contractions got bad so we quickly got the epidural after my water broke. Contractions came on quick after that and I was so thankful to be able to rest and feel relaxed for the first time in 9 months. I slept off and on while Kent studied and worked on seminary. About 12pm I was checked and at 7cm. They guessed it would be 3 more hours til I could push, but an hour later, I started to feel strong contractions. I could feel my legs again and knew the epidural was wearing off. I started feeling SUPER nauseous (which I typically do after an epidural) and asked for some nausea medicine. The nurse came in to check me and said I was a 9.5 but The doctor was delivering a baby next door and didn't know how long it would take. They sent the anesthesiologist back in, who gave me a huge dose of epidural meds and that knocked me out completely. I could hardly form words, I felt so drugged. Just then, the doctor came in and said, time to push! We were all frustrated that he re-dosed me and gave me SO much when I was so close to pushing. At this point I said, "I'm too tired." And closed my eyes. I just wanted to sleep. They convinced me to try pushing, though I could feel absolutely nothing. And by God's grace I pushed that baby out. Savannah Faith was born quickly after, around 1:00, 8.1 lbs and 21" long. 

She was perfect! I was so thankful to hear her little cry. I tried to hold her but was still so out of it I could barely sit up. They cleaned her up as I closed my eyes to rest and let the epidural wear off again. It wasn't until 5:00 that I started to feel normal again and could really bond with her, and shortly after we let all our family in to meet her. It wasn't the greatest way I wanted to meet my baby, super drugged and sleepy, but the labor was pretty short & painless, minus a short spurt of extreme contractions, and I didn't tear at alll, even though she was such a big baby. So we were praising God and really enjoyed our evening and the next day of bonding with our 3rd little princess. What a sweet sweet gift and I cannot get over how perfect she is. 

We left the hospital the next day and enjoyed reuniting with our girls. I was going on long morning walks starting the day after and I always feel like this helps me recover quickly. I stopped bleeding mostly after 2 weeks and started running again at 3 weeks (just a few miles easy) because I felt so good. I always have a weak back after giving birth and last pregnancy my back went out a few weeks after. Kent warned me to be careful picking things (and babies up)?and I have tried to be...But today, leaning over to click the car seat into the van, my back went out again. It's a nerve deal, I'm pretty sure, but is pretty painful for at least a few days. So here I lay in bed, unable to pick up anything let alone bend over. hoping for a quick healing (pray for my hubby who now has to take care of 4 girls on his weekend off work!). 

At 3 days old, we had a newborn photographer come to the house, Angela Watson. She was so sweet and started photography just as a mom of 2 newborn who couldn't afford to pay for a photographer. So she is super reasonable and very talented. We loved our pictures. I didn't do this with my other 2 (which I regret!) but knew baby #3 wouldn't get near as many baby pics as the other 2, so I figured we would do this to make up for it (#3rdkidprobs).  Here are some of the photos she took. 

At 6 weeks now, Savannah still sleeps most of the day; she is especially out til around noon, then she will doze on and off. She doesn't love to be laid down on her back. She wants to be held if she isn't asleep, which is quite hard to do with 2 toddlers (is a 4 year old still a toddler? I can't believe Kennedy just turned 4!). My poor 3rd baby gets held so much less than my other two, and is so often laying in her swing or car seat for hours. But for the most part, she is pretty content (again, she still sleeps so much it's hard to know). And the older two are sweet big sisters and will love entertaining her when she starts waking up more. 

She eats every 2.5-3 hours and nurses like a pro. We have had no problems nursing and I'm super thankful. She gained 1.5lbs at her 2 week appointment and at 2 months, I'll get to see how well she is gaining. Her biggest awake time happens to be when Kent and I are ready to crash, from about 9-11:30pm. She is a bit high maintenance at that point, fussy and agitated. We think her stomach is upset (or its colic. Like my other 2!). But when we finally get her down around 11:30/12, she sleeps almost through the night. A number of times she didn't wake till 6 or 7am. 

She loves to sleep on her side in bed with us (my other 2 kids NEVER slept in bed with us!) I let her nap with me like that and also let her fall asleep like that at night til she is finally really asleep and I can move her to her rock & play. She likes to hold her paci between her hands & I know she is truly asleep when it falls out and she doesn't fuss for it. I'll be so thankful when her bedtime bumps up to 8:00!

She started smiling about a week ago and of course it melts my heart! I think she may have curly hair; it is too short to really tell but the ends seem to curl up a bit. I don't know if her eyes will be blue. They are a dark grayish color right now. I thought I may finally have a non-spitter  but I was wrong. A week ago, she started really spitting up more, but not as bad as my other two who lost half their meal every time I burped them. 

But, we are making it as a family of 5! There are super stressful moments of course and I lose my patience a lot quicker than before, being more tired 
and worn thin.  But God is gracious and my heart is so full! Love the family God has blessed me with!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Brooklyn is TWO!

So I feel horrible I haven't been keeping up with this blog for my babies. I really do want to record glimpses of their baby/toddler/growing up years so i (and they) can look back and remember. It goes SO FAST. (I am already grieving my newest little leaving the newborn stage, let alone my middle becoming 2!) but my laptop is maybe 12 years old and about to completely die out, so my blogging (or lack thereof) takes place on my iPhone these days. Plus, of course the more kids you have, the harder it is to keep up what you started when you just had one. At this point, I'm striving to keep everyone alone!

That being said, I want to try to capture my Brookie at 2 years old. 

Brooklyn Grace, you are hilarious. You act shy and bashful around new people and give strangers such a grumpy face. But at home, you are such a goofball.
 You and KJ are so silly together and we love hearing you guys laugh & play. That has made the transition from 2 to 3 kids so much easier than 1 to 2 was. 

You imitate everything Kennedy says and does and are just as talkative and loud as she is, even louder, I think. Since you guys have been in the same room, you stay up late and keep KJ awake because of your constant talking. You also get out of bed repeatedly, despite multiple spankings. Nights have become a bit stressful and although I love the idea of you and KJ sharing a room, I would not have moved you together until later, had we not needed the crib for baby #3.  Since KJ rarely naps anymore and you still need one, I put you back in the baby room in your crib and you will nap 3 hours! It is a huge blessing because mama can rest with the baby as KJ has her room time. 

You love to dress up & accessorize like your sister and insist on wearing dresses as much as possible. Only 2 pairs of shoes fit your chubby feet, but you will clomp around in fake high heels all day long. You put all your random toys in separate bags and purses or in your shopping cart and walk around the house, leaving a trail of things everywere. But I will say, you are a pretty good helper most of the time, happy to set the table, empty the dishwasher or clean up toys, when the mood hits you. You also help us get diapers and wipes for Savannah and often ask to help hold her and burp her. 

You love to rough-house with us, tackling your older sister, sitting on anyone who is laying on the ground, jumping on couches, climbing on everything and everyone. You never say your sorry when you hurt someone. Even if it was an accident, you will NOT say it. This is an example of your extreme stubbornness. You want to do everything by yourself (which at times drives me crazy; when we are running late or on a tight schedule and you take twenty minutes to dress yourself or put on your shoes, ultimately asking for help anyway or proudly wearing your shirt on backwards.) You have responded well lately to time outs for pouting and whining, and it has diminished the fits quite a bit. But You often hesitate when we ask you to do things and get spankings frequently for delayed obeying or disobeying. I pray God uses that stubbornness to be a bold leader, strong in your convictions and not easily persuaded to follow the wrong crowd. I do pray God gives you a tender submissive heart to repentance of sin and obedience to Him. 

I have been happily surprised to see a gentler side of you when it comes to your baby sister.  You have never been rough with her or jealous of her for one second. You really love her and kiss and hold her often. You play with your baby dolls a lot too, rocking them and changing them and sweetly putting them to bed. You love music and singing, and your little voice and mispronounciation of words is my favorite thing right now.  
You won't pay attention to us reading books very often but will sit and pretend to read them yourself. You suddenly love to pray; over meals, boo boo's or before bedtime. It is the sweetest. 
I look at you and just thank God for the blessing you are. I love your huge curls, often messy face, mismatched outfits and chubby thighs. I love your hugs and kisses, your big blue eyes, your laugh and silly "cheese" face when taking pictures. You are my little helper, my strong ox, a sweet big sis and daddy's girl. We sure love you!!! 
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