Friday, July 22, 2016

Brooklyn is TWO!

So I feel horrible I haven't been keeping up with this blog for my babies. I really do want to record glimpses of their baby/toddler/growing up years so i (and they) can look back and remember. It goes SO FAST. (I am already grieving my newest little leaving the newborn stage, let alone my middle becoming 2!) but my laptop is maybe 12 years old and about to completely die out, so my blogging (or lack thereof) takes place on my iPhone these days. Plus, of course the more kids you have, the harder it is to keep up what you started when you just had one. At this point, I'm striving to keep everyone alone!

That being said, I want to try to capture my Brookie at 2 years old. 

Brooklyn Grace, you are hilarious. You act shy and bashful around new people and give strangers such a grumpy face. But at home, you are such a goofball.
 You and KJ are so silly together and we love hearing you guys laugh & play. That has made the transition from 2 to 3 kids so much easier than 1 to 2 was. 

You imitate everything Kennedy says and does and are just as talkative and loud as she is, even louder, I think. Since you guys have been in the same room, you stay up late and keep KJ awake because of your constant talking. You also get out of bed repeatedly, despite multiple spankings. Nights have become a bit stressful and although I love the idea of you and KJ sharing a room, I would not have moved you together until later, had we not needed the crib for baby #3.  Since KJ rarely naps anymore and you still need one, I put you back in the baby room in your crib and you will nap 3 hours! It is a huge blessing because mama can rest with the baby as KJ has her room time. 

You love to dress up & accessorize like your sister and insist on wearing dresses as much as possible. Only 2 pairs of shoes fit your chubby feet, but you will clomp around in fake high heels all day long. You put all your random toys in separate bags and purses or in your shopping cart and walk around the house, leaving a trail of things everywere. But I will say, you are a pretty good helper most of the time, happy to set the table, empty the dishwasher or clean up toys, when the mood hits you. You also help us get diapers and wipes for Savannah and often ask to help hold her and burp her. 

You love to rough-house with us, tackling your older sister, sitting on anyone who is laying on the ground, jumping on couches, climbing on everything and everyone. You never say your sorry when you hurt someone. Even if it was an accident, you will NOT say it. This is an example of your extreme stubbornness. You want to do everything by yourself (which at times drives me crazy; when we are running late or on a tight schedule and you take twenty minutes to dress yourself or put on your shoes, ultimately asking for help anyway or proudly wearing your shirt on backwards.) You have responded well lately to time outs for pouting and whining, and it has diminished the fits quite a bit. But You often hesitate when we ask you to do things and get spankings frequently for delayed obeying or disobeying. I pray God uses that stubbornness to be a bold leader, strong in your convictions and not easily persuaded to follow the wrong crowd. I do pray God gives you a tender submissive heart to repentance of sin and obedience to Him. 

I have been happily surprised to see a gentler side of you when it comes to your baby sister.  You have never been rough with her or jealous of her for one second. You really love her and kiss and hold her often. You play with your baby dolls a lot too, rocking them and changing them and sweetly putting them to bed. You love music and singing, and your little voice and mispronounciation of words is my favorite thing right now.  
You won't pay attention to us reading books very often but will sit and pretend to read them yourself. You suddenly love to pray; over meals, boo boo's or before bedtime. It is the sweetest. 
I look at you and just thank God for the blessing you are. I love your huge curls, often messy face, mismatched outfits and chubby thighs. I love your hugs and kisses, your big blue eyes, your laugh and silly "cheese" face when taking pictures. You are my little helper, my strong ox, a sweet big sis and daddy's girl. We sure love you!!! 

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