Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Celebrating Savannah's milestones!

TOTAL 3rd kid problems! I have not kept up with blogging AT ALL and have not recorded Savannah month by month as I have the other 2. (LOVE YOU Savannah!) So here's my quick update!

In September, she turned 3 months old. The big kids were getting into the swing of school and Savannah started becoming MUCH more aware of what was going on around her. She had a hard time napping, not wanting to miss out on anything. She mastered rolling over but didn't want to be put down much at all.
In October, we celebrated her turning 4 months old, as well as her first Halloween. We put together some last minute costumes from the dress up box, and she wore her silly monster hat and onesie as we trick or treated with church friends.
At 5 months old, we celebrated Thanksgiving at Aunt Joy's, as usual. It was so wonderful spending the whole day with beloved family and although she did NOT nap, you made it through the long day like a champ. Since about 3 months old, she has not been good at sleeping in other places. 

She got time with her cousin Ty, who is a week younger! 
She also fought through some rough nights as her two bottom teeth started to pop through!

As she figured out how to sit up better, we thought we'd test out the swings at the park one day. She loved it! (It has been the strangest winter in Memphis, mostly super mild.)

At 6 months, we tried to start you on baby food, of which you did NOT like. We still didn't have you on a schedule, since I am usually out and about all morning. You stopped falling asleep in your car seat like you always had before, but started taking better crib naps. You can say mama and dada.

At her 6 month appointment: growing well, long and lean like her daddy!

This month we flew to Chicago for a quick weekend so I could catch up with some of my childhood friends and they could meet Savannah. She did great on the flights and my heart was encouraged and refreshed from sweet time with friends. (On the plane she actually slept ON ME in the ergo! This never happens anymore!)
Saw best friend Kara and her kids
Saw best friend Kendra and her twins

We had a wonderful Christmas this year with our crew. It is so magical having little ones take in the holidays with so much wonder and joy! This year was triple the fun! The big kids got roller skates (favorite present even though they basically walk in them). KJ saw her first real movie with me, Trolls, and is mildly obsessed. She got a huge troll doll from uncle drew.

In January of 2017, Savannah turned 7 months old. She sleeps 6:30pm-6:30am. I'll feed her (still EBF) and she will go back down for another hour or so. She wakes in the night on occasion, and I just feed her and she goes back down. I figure she could use the extra calories. She mastered crawling although she doesn't like to play independently for more than a couple minutes. She wants me to sit right down with her and fusses if I try to go do anything else. (Very attention needy!) I basically have to hold her all day in my left hand and do stuff with my right hand, or wear her in the backpack. She takes 2 naps if I am actually home in the morning to put her down around 10. Otherwise it's one nap around noon after I pick up the big kids from school.

8 months Old (February) and pulling up on everything! Starting to love food, mostly when she can feed herself. Still nursing 5 times a day. We are hoping to make it till 12 months old. She rarely does a bottle, I wish I had done it a little more with her, especially since I am going away for a weekend in March. We had fun celebrating Valentines day with the girls and they thought it was so special that we wrote them a heart every day that said one thing we loved about them. They couldn't wait for their heart each night and stuck it on the door for decoration.

We started track season this month and mine and Kent's mom watches the girls every day. I have enjoyed that time with the Briarcrest kids and love being out on that track, but with my other two in school in the mornings, I'm a little sadder to leave them in the afternoons. But I am SO thankful they get time each week with their amazing grandmothers! My parents also left for Italy for 2 weeks to visit my sister this month!

And now she is up to date! 9 months old on March 8th. She is cruising and wants to walk! She is into everything, putting everything in her mouth, playing with plugs and outlets, tupperware, everything that is not a toy. I have yet to take her to the doctor because I totally forgot she needs a 9 month appointment. We are on spring break right now, so it is AMAZING that Kent is home more (and I can actually write this blog haha!). We did our taxes, fixed some house projects, spent some family time together and just relaxed. Once school starts up on Monday, we hit the ground running with track meets and the rest of the year FLIES by!

That's all for now! Hopefully I'll have another update before 9 months goes by again!

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